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Good news from One Bad Son

Lawyer, drummer, and College of Law alumnus Kurt Dahl (LLB’05, LLM’09), may have left the prairies and moved to Vancouver with his rock band One Bad Son, but he’s still brave enough to visit Saskatoon in the dead of winter. Last December, he and his band decided to spend three days on the outskirts of the city in frigid minus 35 degree temperatures to film the music video for Scarecrows, the second single from their self-titled album.

“It was the coldest thing we’ve done as a band,” says Dahl.  Friends, family and fans also braved the winter air to be included as extras in the band’s first professional video. Dahl adds, “We all nearly froze to death, so all subsequent videos will be a breeze in comparison.”

While most people wouldn’t necessarily choose such harsh conditions as the setting for a rock music video, Dahl says it was important to stay true to the song. “I’ve always felt like the song sounded like winter—that feeling of desolation that can come from a prairie winter. Saskatoon in December seemed like the perfect way to capture that feeling.”

The prairie charm of the song and video must have caught on – Scarecrows hit #5 on the rock charts across Canada after its release in September. The song (which was also written in Saskatoon) along with the rest of the album, can now be downloaded from the iTunes store online.

Dahl plans to build on the success of One Bad Son’s recent album and will soon be launching his own website, which will combine his two passions—music and the law. “My goal is for it to be the go-to site for all musicians and music industry professionals in Canada.” Dahl says he’ll be posting tons of legal advice, industry advice, career advice and other resources for musicians. “I feel like I can give back some knowledge that I've acquired over the last decade, on the music side and the legal side of things. Knowledge I would have loved to have when I started out on this journey.”

The creation of Dahl's new website won’t be the first time he’s mixed music and the law. Back when the band was just starting out and Dahl was a student at the College of Law, he thought it would be appropriate to use the legal term ‘Force Majeure’ for the name of one of their singles. “We had a song with no title, and I was reading about force majeure in contract law,” says Dahl. “It just sounded cool, and seemed to fit the 'bigness' of the song.”

So besides shooting music videos, touring, and launching a website, what’s next for Dahl? Perhaps writing a song about lawyers? He says he’ll see what he can do. “Maybe I'll try to work ‘nemo dat quod non habet’ into the next album.”


Dahl and One Bad Son will be in Saskatoon on Friday, April 19 for a performance at Bud’s on Broadway. See all tour dates.

Watch the video for Scarecrows on YouTube

Photo by Mark Maryanovich