2024 Dispute Resolution Week: A Hands-On Learning Experience Inside the Courtroom

Dispute Resolution Week kicks off this week, offering unique experiential learning for first-year law students inside the Provincial Courthouse and the Court of King’s Bench of Saskatchewan.

The College of Law is excited to host Dispute Resolution Week (DR Week) 2024, providing first-year law students with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. DR Week has evolved over the years, and this year, it promises an even more immersive experience, allowing students to gain invaluable insights into the practical application of dispute-resolution techniques. Students will have the opportunity to visit the Court of King’s Bench of Saskatchewan and the Provincial Court, where they will have a chance to participate in a real-world dispute resolution process.

Professor Michaela Keet, who coordinates the week, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "DR Week is a fantastic learning opportunity for our students. It's crucial for them to engage in activities that challenge their perspectives on dispute resolution. We deeply appreciate the outside guests – many of whom are alumni - who generously devote their time to facilitate this unique learning experience.”

DR Week focuses on the lawyer-client relationship, a fundamental aspect of legal practice. While courtroom advocacy skills are essential, students must also excel in communication, problem-solving, and negotiation.

DR week

Throughout the week, students will have the privilege of interacting with a diverse array of negotiation and dispute resolution experts. They will actively participate in group discussions, engage in mediation and negotiation simulations, and gain a deeper understanding of the nature of dispute resolution within the legal field. Toward the end of this immersive week will be a simulated youth sentencing conference, hosted in one of the courtrooms of the Provincial Courthouse – as well as a visit to the Court of King’s Bench to learn more about the process of a Judicial Case Conference. These hands-on experiences will allow students to apply their newly acquired skills in a real-world setting, emphasizing the importance of client-centered advocacy.

The success of DR Week heavily relies on the dedication of volunteer instructors, facilitators, and upper-year students who generously contribute their time and expertise. With their support, this educational experience is possible. The College of Law extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in making DR Week an enriching and transformative week for students.

Dispute Resolution Week in 2024 offers a unique and immersive journey for first-year law students, providing them with the opportunity to step inside a courtroom and gain hands-on experience. As Professor Michaela Keet aptly summarizes, "DR Week empowers our students to view dispute resolution from diverse perspectives, ultimately shaping them into well-rounded and effective lawyers." This week, it's not just a learning experience; it's an adventure inside the world of legal practice.