Student organizations

Enhance your law school experience (and your resume) by getting involved with one of our student groups or clubs. From the Law Students' Association to Green Legal, there's something for everyone.

Law Students' Association

The LSA is a student-run organization that provides law students with various kinds of support while at the University of Saskatchewan. Although membership is voluntary, the LSA operates on a break-even basis and memberships help cover all costs involved in providing services and events. The LSA provides academic liaisons with faculty, and coordinates many social functions and athletic activities.

Gabriel Simons, President
The Official U of S LSA Social Group

Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA)

The Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA) is a student-run organization that fosters a community of academic, professional, and social support among Indigenous students in the College of Law. ILSA represents and supports the interests of Indigenous students and promotes appropriate legal education for Indigenous people in a culturally sensitive learning environment. Customary tradition and ceremony are the foundation of ILSA’s mandate to create a supportive community for all. ILSA works alongside the LSA to provide services, events, and social functions for all law students.

Jodi Hancheroff, President

Nunavut Law Student Society (NLSS)

The College of Law has partnered with the Nunavut Arctic College and the Government of Nunavut to create the Nunavut Law Program, an intiative aimed at increasing the number of practising lawyers in Nunavut and improve access to justice for Nunavummiut. The program includes 25 students studying in Iqualuit, Nunavut for four years beginning in Sept. 2017.

Marley Dunkers, President
Nunavut Law Student Society (NLSS)

The Caveat Lector

Daren Gette
Erik Heuck

Corporate Law Club

The Corporate Law Club is comprised of students interested in corporate and business law.

Contact: Caileigh Rendek, President
U of S Corporate Law Club

Criminal Law Club

The purpose of the Criminal Law Club is to provide a forum for its members for discussion and education within the field of criminal law, to work with members of the justice community to advocate access to justice and to work to connect students, faculty and members of the criminal law profession in expanding the understanding and knowledge related to criminal law.

Contact: Alexandria Studer, President
Criminal Law Club on Facebook

The Dissent

Tito Kurc

Diversity and Law

DLA aims to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the study and practice of Law.

 Alykhan Nurani
DLA at USask - Diversity and Law Society

Federation of Asian-Canadian Lawyers

Green Legal

Green Legal is a student group that aims to increase environmental awareness and sustainability within the College of Law, build environmental law and policy analysis skills among members, and support community-based organizations. Green Legal projects are grassroots initiatives pushed forward by the members, and include organizing fundraisers for environmental charities, holding educational panels, running a vermicompost program for the college, and having get-togethers with environmental law practitioners over a plate of nachos.

Alanna Bugera, President
Green Legal Facebook Page

Health Law Club

The purpose of the Health Law Club is to provide a deeper understanding of health law and explore related careers. Our goal is to create a platform to discuss current issues regarding health policy, bioethics, medical malpractice and mental heath. Send us an email for more information on how to get involved.

Contact: Taylor Bereziak
Usask Health Law Club

Just Rights

Just Rights is a social justice advocacy student group at the College of Law. Each year Just Rights picks a current legal issue to raise awareness and fundraise.

Ramses Miki-Hanson, President
 Just Rights on Facebook

Legal Follies Association Inc.

Non-profit, charity organization that hosts a VARIETY SHOW in February showcasing the talent (or lack thereof) of students, faculty and staff of the College of Law – all for a good cause! This is a great way to get involved, no matter your degree of skill!

Contact: Emily Barlas

LEVEL. Changing Lives Through Law

LEVEL Justice is a national organization that seeks to level the barriers to justice by disrupting prejudice, building empathy and advancing human rights.

We envision a world where every person is treated with dignity, can exercise their fundamental human rights, and has the opportunity to thrive. 

We are proud to host Assassins, Pie in the Face, Trivia Night, a Cultural Competency meeting and a Panel Discussion every year.

Darin Gette, President
 USask Level Chapter

Runnymede Society (USask Law)

Tito Kurc

Usask OUTlaws

USask OUTLaws promotes diversity and inclusivity in the College of Law, with a focus on promoting LGBTQ+ values and informing the college on current issues impacting the LGBTQ+ Community. If you're interested in getting involved with our group, everyone is welcome whether you are LGBTQ+, an ally of the community, or just want to learn more. Join our group on Facebook or email us to find out how you can get involved.

Bryce Safton, President
 Usask OUTlaws Group on Facebook

Philosophy Club

Contact: Levi Graham

Pro Bono Students Canada University of Saskatchewan Chapter (PBSC-SK)

The PBSC USask chapter facilitates one of the largest law student volunteer programs in Canada. PBSC volunteer placements provide students the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to meet legal needs identified by our community partners. Our program works to increase access to justice and champions the value of pro bono service.

Geneva Houlden, President
PBSC Usask Facebook page


Sisters in Law is a community group made up of women in all years of law school to help support one another throughout their legal education.

Contact: Amanda Kimpinski
USask Sisters in Law

Sports Law Club