JD program options

The University of Saskatchewan College of Law is pleased to offer the French Common Law Option to the Juris Doctor degree.  Upon completion, students will also receive a Certification in common law in French - Certification de common law en français (CCLF) through a partnership with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.  The Certificate in Common Law in French (CCLF) program was established in 2016 in partnership with the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, French Common Law Program.

The CCLF will allow incoming students with competencies in French the unique opportunity to obtain a certification in common law in French from the University of Ottawa during the completion of the three-year University of Saskatchewan JD program. 

This joint program is the first of its kind in Canada, and will allow selected students the opportunity to gain valuable skills in French legal writing and advocacy as well as a deep understanding of the important issues surrounding language rights in Canada. 

Selected students will begin the CCLF during their second year of the JD program and complete an exchange in Ottawa, compete in a moot court competition with teams throughout Canada, be paired with experienced mentors in the legal profession, and have the opportunity to complete a credited internship with law firms, organizations and government actors that work in French. 

These unique experiences will give participating students the necessary tools to offer legal services in French upon graduation. The CCLF is a first step towards a varied and rewarding career, including:

  • opening doors to prestigious clerkships with the Supreme Court of Canada, the federal courts and the federal public service;
  • accessing legal careers where legal training and proficiency in both official languages is an asset;
  • contributing legal services to the Francophone community, in the language to which they are entitled;
  • contributing to the administration of justice in both official languages; and
  • becoming part of a network of 1,000 alumni of the uOttawa French Common Law Program who share this unique training, recognized for its excellence in Canada and around the world.

Application to the CCLF is open to students entering their first year of studies in the University of Saskatchewan JD program. Students who successfully complete the program will have "French Common Law Option" included on their JD degree parchment.

For more information on this unique program, please contact the College of Law's admissions officer at law.admissions@usask.ca

Combined degree programs

Bachelor of Commerce/Juris Doctor

The combined BComm/JD program allows students to obtain both the commerce and law degrees in six years rather than the seven years needed to complete the degrees separately. This program works well for those students who are majoring in areas of the Commerce program that require 18 credit units for completion. Students in a major requiring more than 18 credit units (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Management, and Supply Chain Management) should consult a program advisor. Students initially apply to the Edwards School of Business and spend three years completing the core and major classes. Once a student has gained admission to the College of Law, they complete the regular three-year JD program. Students receive their BComm after successful completion of two years in law. For information on this program, please contact the Edwards School of Business.

Bachelor of Business Administration/Juris Doctor

The University of Regina and the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan jointly offer a Combined Degree Program of Business Administration and Law leading to a BBA/JD in six years. Please contact Raelynn Norbeck, Student Recruitment & Advising at the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina for information on this program.

Juris Doctor/Masters of Business Administration

This three-year program allows students to complete their law degree and their MBA simultaneously. Students will complete 39 credits in the MBA and 81 credits in the JD program for a total of 120 credits. 

Expand Your Career Options: Students will leave the University of Saskatchewan prepared to practice either in a career in law and/ or a career in business. They will be well poised to act as corporate counsel in any large organization. The versatile skillset you gain through the JD/MBA could make you a prime candidate for high-level positions.

A JD/MBA can be extremely valuable for those pursing a public interest focused career path. In this sector, senior leaders are often tasked with heading a nonprofit or public institution, which requires significant management capabilities.

More credentials, less time. The JD /MBA Program is a 3-year program administered jointly by the Edwards School of Business and the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. The two degrees are complimentary and will allow students to complete two degrees in less time than if they were taken separately (3 years versus 4). If you know you want both degrees eventually, you should consider doing them together.

Students who wish to apply to the combined JD/MBA Program will be given an opportunity to do so during their first year of law studies.

Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Science/Juris Doctor

The combined BA/JD or BSc/JD program can be completed in five years, including spring and summer session. Up to 18 credit units in the JD program may be counted as senior electives in the College of Arts and Science. Grades from all of the eligible law courses attempted will be used in the calculation of the Arts and Science average. Contact the USask College of Arts and Science for more information on this program.

Bachelor of Arts (four-year)/Juris Doctor

To complete either program, students may use 18 credit units in law courses toward the elective requirements for the BA Four-year program, and so complete both degrees in less time than if taken separately. Contact the USask College of Arts and Science for more information on this program.