Picture of  Heather  Heavin

Heather Heavin Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

Picture of  Doug Surtees

Doug Surtees Associate Professor

Administrative Leave July 1 - December 31, 2022


Picture of Professor Catherine Bell

Professor Catherine Bell Ariel F. Sallows Chair in Human Rights, College of Law

Picture of Dr. Dwight Newman, KC

Dr. Dwight Newman, KC D.Phil. Professor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Rights in Constitutional and International Law

Dr. Michael Plaxton SJD Professor

Sabbatical Leave July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Sessional Lecturers

Lola Ayotunde Sessional Lecturer

Nicholas Blenkinsop Sessional Lecturer

Alfons Boving Sessional Lecturer

Jessica Buhler Sessional Lecturer

Rebecca Crookshanks Sessional Lecturer

Jared Epp Sessional Lecturer

Joe Fingerote Sessional Lecturer

Hugh Harradence Sessional Lecturer

Susan Hayton Sessional Lecturer

Leah Howie Sessional Lecturer and Coach (Environmental Moot)

Kristen Hubbard Sessional Lecturer

Brooke Johnson Sessional Lecturer, Coach Western Canada Moot

Chris Lafleur Coach (Kawaskimhon Aboriginal Rights Moot)

Sarah Loewen Sessional Lecturer

Brea Lowenberger Access to Justice Coordinator, Director of CREATE Justice

Andre Memauri Coach (Jessup Moot)

Charmaine Panko Sessional Lecturer

Toni Rempel Sessional Lecturer

Audrey Sembalerus Sessional Lecturer, Coach Laskin Moot

Anna Singer Sessional, Coach Laskin Memorial Moot

Brooke Sittler Coach (Donald G.H. Bowman National Tax Moot)

David Stack Sessional Lecturer

Lawren Trotchie Sessional Lecturer

Greg Walen Sessional Lecturer (Nunavut and Saskatoon)

Patti Warwick Sessional Lecturer

Lisa Watson Sesssional, Coach (Gale Moot)

Michael Wright Sessional Lecturer

Madasan Yates Sessional lecturer

Craig Zawada Sessional Lecturer

Professors Emeriti and Visiting Scholars

Marie-Ann Bowden Professor Emerita

Russ Buglass Emeritus Professor

Don Clark Emeritus Professor

Ken D. Cooper-Stephenson Emeritus Professor

Daniel R. Ish Emeritus Professor

Ken Norman Emeritus Professor

Tim Quigley Emeritus Professor

Judge Gerald Seniuk Visiting Scholar