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Clayton Bangsund Assistant Professor

217 Law

Research Area(s)

  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency Law
  • Commercial Law (Domestic)
  • Contract Law
  • Secured Financing Law

Professional Education

  • Ph.D. (Alberta)
  • LL.M. (Columbia)
  • J.D. (Alberta)
  • B.Ed. Mathematics (Regina)


Clayton Bangsund joined the College of Law in 2014. He is an expert in secured finance and various other fields of commercial law.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 2005, Clayton practiced law in three western Canadian provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He gained expertise in a variety of corporate and commercial practice areas, and developed a special focus on debtor-creditor law – both front-end lending and back-end realization. While engaged in private practice, Clayton penned numerous articles and newsletters, and wrote bar course (CPLED) materials for the Law Societies of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Following six years of practice, he embarked on an academic path. In 2012, Clayton earned a Master of Laws from Columbia Law School where he was recognized as a James Kent Scholar and awarded the Walter Gellhorn Prize for graduating with the highest grade point average in his class. He then returned to the University of Alberta to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy under the supervision of internationally renowned scholar, Professor Roderick J. Wood.

Clayton’s doctoral research focuses on the deposit account (i.e. bank account). He is interested in answering the question of whether and to what extent Canadian common law jurisdictions ought to amend the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) in a manner that permits or mandates a security interest in a deposit account to be perfected by control. The project is inspired by the financial industry’s recent push for reform in the “cash collateral” arena, and driven by the need for a carefully thought-out legal framework for the governance of the deposit account as an item of commerce and personal property security. He has received numerous scholarships and prizes in support of his doctoral research including the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (administered by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)), the Viscount Bennett Scholarship (administered by the Law Society of Alberta) and the President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction.

Clayton is a member of the Canadian Conference on Personal Property Security Law (CCPPSL) and the CCPPSL’s Legislative Review Subcommittee, which has been tasked with reviewing the Canadian PPSAs and setting forth proposals for change. Clayton is also a member of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers. His teaching responsibilities with the College of Law include Contracts, Commercial Relationships, Secured Transactions in Personal Property, and Banking, Payment & Transfer Systems. In 2016, he was awarded the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award.

Recent Publications

“Proposals for Changes to the Canadian Personal Property Security Acts” (2017) Canadian Business Law Journal (forthcoming), with Ron C.C. Cuming, Tamara Buckwold, Anthony Duggan, Catherine Walsh & Roderick Wood.

“Deposit Account Set-Off Under the PPSA” (2017) 80(1) Saskatchewan Law Review 11-35: commemorative edition celebrating Professor RCC Cuming’s 50 years of excellence at the College of Law.

“Set-Off & Security Interests” (2017) 50(1) University of British Columbia Law Review 1-37.

“Reconciliation in the Corporate Commercial Classroom” (2016-17) 2(1) Lakehead Law Journal 49-63, with Anna Lund, Gail Henderson, Freya Kodar, Carol Liao & Shanthi Senthe.

“Inequity in Equitable Set-Off: Telford v Holt Revisited” (2016) 94(1) Canadian Bar Review 149-170, with Jasmine Lothian.

“PPSL Values” (2015) 57(2) Canadian Business Law Journal 184-216.

“The Deposit Account & Chose in Action at Common Law & Under the PPSA: A Historical Review” (2014) 30(1) Banking & Finance Law Review 1-38.

“‘But I Didn’t Mean To’: The Role of Intent in American and Canadian Anti-Preference Law” (2013) 50(4) Alberta Law Review 815-842.

“A Critical Examination of Recently Proposed Amendments to the Bank Act Security Provisions” (2012) 75(2) Saskatchewan Law Review 211-243.