College of Law

Research Area(s)

  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law
  • Evidence

Professional Education

  • BCL (Oxford) 2011
  • LLB (Saskatchewan) 2009


Sarah Burningham is a graduate of the Universityof Saskatchewan (LLB) and the University of Oxford (BCL). She clerked at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and joined the Saskatchewan Bar in 2010. In addition to numerous academic awards, she has also received recognition for teaching excellence. Sarah’s writing has been cited in judicial decisions and her op-eds have appeared in the National Post and the Regina Leader-Post.

Sarah researches primarily in the area of constitutional law, though her interests extend to criminal law and evidence as well. She has previously taught constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law, and evidence.

Courses Taught

  • Constitutional law (division of powers)
  • Criminal law
  • Evidence

Publications and Research Work

Burningham, S.A. (2023). A Proposal for a Canadian Government Speech Doctrine. Alberta Law Review, 60(4): 955-970.

Burningham, S.A. & James, S. (2022). “Rights Talk”, Abortion, and the Media: Tracking the Evolution of Abortion Discourse in Saskatchewan Newspapers. Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 34(2): 307-330.

Burningham, S.A. (2022). Reflections on COVID and Criminal Law: How Does Judicial Doctrine Function in a Crisis? Alberta Law Review, 59(3): 587-610. 

Burningham, S.A. (2021). The Relevance of Government Practice in Constitutional Decision-Making: A Review of the Supreme Court’s Federalism Jurisprudence. Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 58(1): 109-38. 

Burningham, S.A. (2020). Constitutional Law and Abortion in Saskatchewan: The Freedom of Informed Choice (Abortions) Act. Canadian Journal of Law & Society, 35(1): 69-88. 

Burningham, S.A. (2019). Provincial Jurisdiction over Abortion. Queen’s Law Journal, 45(1): 37-79.

Burningham, S.A. (2015). A Comment on the Court’s Decision to Suspend the Declaration of Invalidity in Carter v Canada. Saskatchewan Law Review, 78(2): 201-207.

Burningham, S.A. (2015). Courts, Challenges, and Cures: Legal Avenues for Patients with Rare Diseases to Challenge Health Care Coverage Decisions. Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law, 1(1): 317-350.