A Decade of Support for the College of Law's First-Year Welcoming Ceremony

McDougall Gauley LLP, a distinguished Saskatchewan law firm with a legacy of excellence, has generously stepped forward to sponsor the First Year Welcoming Ceremony at the College of Law over the next ten years.

By Angela Worobec

The College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan is delighted to announce a meaningful partnership that promises to enrich the first-year experience for its law students. McDougall Gauley LLP, a distinguished law firm with a legacy of excellence spanning over a century, has generously stepped forward to sponsor the First Year Welcoming Ceremony. This sponsorship is no ordinary commitment; it extends over the next ten years, ensuring a decade of support and collaboration that will leave a lasting impact on the college and its students.

The First Year Welcoming Ceremony is a cherished tradition at the College of Law. It offers incoming law students a warm and inspiring introduction to their academic journey, connecting them with faculty, staff, alumni and fellow students. It is vital to the college's commitment to fostering a strong sense of community, inclusion, and shared purpose among its students.

McDougall Gauley LLP's sponsorship exemplifies their dedication to nurturing the legal talent of tomorrow. The firm's long-term commitment ensures stability and continuity for the ceremony, reinforcing the message that the legal profession is not only about advocacy but also about mentorship, tradition, and the passing of the torch to new generations.

Michael W. Milani, K.C., Chair of the firm’s Executive Committee, observed that “we are very pleased to provide this support.  Our law firm, and the broader Saskatchewan and Canadian communities, have been the beneficiary of outstanding graduates from the College. It is important that this tradition of success continues.”

The College of Law is profoundly grateful for McDougall Gauley LLP's support and eagerly anticipates a decade of collaborative growth and success. Together, we will continue to inspire and guide future legal leaders, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for our students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

This partnership heralds an exciting chapter in the College of Law's history, where tradition meets innovation and legal education thrives. We look forward to the years ahead with great enthusiasm and gratitude for McDougall Gauley LLP's visionary commitment to our students and institution.