The following is a summary of the guiding principles, objectives, and activities of the Working Group. Check back soon for the Working Group mandate document.

Guiding Principles

The Working Group is guided by the principles established by the National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters.  The “Six Guiding Principles for Changeare as follows:

  • Put the public first;
  • Collaborate and co-ordinate;
  • Prevent and educate;
  • Simplify, make coherent, proportional and sustainable;
  • Take action; and
  • Focus on outcomes.


The core objectives of the Working Group are as follows:

  • To encourage the co-ordination of initiatives that make justice more accessible for Saskatchewan residents;
  • To learn about the problem of inadequate access to justice;
  • To provide leadership and action on improving access to justice;
  • To foster engagement, communication, and collaboration with a diverse group of partners; 
  • To foster a “public first” approach to all justice processes and services; and
  • To focus on results and to facilitate consultation, co-ordination, planning, program design, implementation and monitoring of change within the justice system.


The Working Group supports the following activities:

  • Working Group meetings
  • Supports the hosting of the annual or bi-annual Dean’s Forum
  • Collaboration and engagement
  • Innovation and capacity building

Working Group members support, as appropriate, the development of the following Dean’s Forum projects: