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Glen Luther Professor

216 Law

Research Area(s)

  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Constitutional law
  • Evidence law
  • Mental health law
  • Sentencing
  • Indigenous peoples and criminal law
  • Police powers

Professional Education

  • LLM (Queen's, 1986)
  • LLB (Saskatchewan, 1981)


Professor Luther joined the faculty of the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan in 2003, having previously held teaching positions at Osgoode Hall Law School, Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and the University of Calgary. He has extensive practice experience as a criminal lawyer, having practiced in Lloydminster (his hometown) from 1981-1984 and Calgary, Alberta from 1989-2003. He has argued cases throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan at all levels of courts including the Supreme Court of Canada. Currently his practice is limited to consulting with other counsel and assisting them in the presentation of cases before the courts.

He is a member of the Law Societies of both Saskatchewan and Alberta (non-practicing) and has been very active in numerous professional associations. He is active with the educational program of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association (STLA). He regularly presents at judicial conferences through the National Judicial Institute (NJI) and the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges (CAPCJ). He was for many years a team leader in the Intensive Trial Advocacy Programme for practicing lawyers at the University of Calgary.

Professor Luther has published extensively in the criminal procedure area. His academic interests include Police Powers, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal Law, Procedure and Sentencing, Evidence Law, and Mental Health Law. He is the co-author of Detention and Arrest, (with Professor Steve Coughlan of Dalhousie University), now in its second (2017) edition, published by Irwin Law.

He is an Associate Member of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Saskatchewan and a member of the Criminal Code Saskatchewan Review Board. He is a close collaborator with Dr. Mansfield Mela, forensic psychiatrist, and they co-teach the Law and Psychiatry Seminars together to both law students and psychiatric residents. He is on the steering committee of the Mental Health Strategy Court in Saskatoon and a member of the evaluation team, through the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies, for the Mental Health Strategy. Professor Luther has received several awards for teaching excellence and in 2009 was appointed Queen’s Counsel. He is an advisor to Saskatoon’s CLASSIC, Inc. legal assistance clinic and is of Ojibway heritage.

Publications and Research Work


Steve Coughlan and Glen Luther, Arrest and Detention, 2 ed. (Toronto: Irwin Law 2017).


K Barron, C More, G Luther and JS Wormith, Process Evaluation of the Saskatoon Mental Health Strategy (MHS) Prepared for: The Steering Committee of the Saskatoon Mental Health Strategy (2015: Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies). 

Kent-Wilkinson, A., & Sanders, S. L., Mela, M., Peternelj-Taylor, C., Adelugba, O, Luther, G., Woods, P., Olver, M., & Wormith, J. S. (2012). Needs assessment and of forensic mental health services and programs for offenders in Saskatchewan. Final Report, Conducted by Forensic Interdisciplinary Research: Saskatchewan Team (FIRST). Centre for Forensic Behavioural Sciences and Justice Studies, Saskatoon, SK: University of Saskatchewan. Executive Summary at:

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