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Faculty Directory 

Name Title Phone Room #
Bangsund, Clayton Assistant Professor 306-966-5884 217 Law
Bilson, Beth R.E. Professor (on secondment) 306-966-5885 222 Law
Buhler, Sarah Associate Professor (on sabbatical leave from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) 306-966-6503 225 Law
Burningham, Sarah Assistant Professor 306-966-2850 215 Law
Carter, Mark Professor  306-966-5895 250 Law
Coombes, Karinne Assistant Professor 224 Law
Cotter, W. Brent Professor 306-966-2983 204 Law
Cuming, Ron C.C. Professor 306-966-5883 212 Law
Farnese, Patricia Associate Professor 306-966-6063 242 Law
Flannigan, Rob Professor 306-966-5876 226 Law
Hansen, Robin Associate Professor (on sabbatical leave from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) 306-966-4350 232A Law
Heavin, Heather Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies 306-966-5880 244 Law
Hoehn, Felix Assistant Professor 306-966-7954 223 Law
Keet, Michaela Associate Professor  306-966-5893 245 Law
Kleefeld, John C. Associate Professor  306-966-1039 218 Law
Larre, Tamara Associate Professor 306-966-1966 214 Law
Luther, Glen Professor  306-966-5887 216 Law
Newman, Dwight Professor 306-966-4847 221 Law
Odumosu-Ayanu, Ibironke Associate Professor  306-966-5871 246 Law
Phillipson, Martin Dean 306-966-5910
Plaxton, Michael Professor 306-966-5894 248 Law
Poitras, Marilyn Assistant Professor (on leave) 306-966-5882 240 Law
Ralston, Benjamin Assistant Professor 306-966-5606 206 Law
Surtees, Doug Associate Dean Academic 306-966-5242 250.2 Law
Vallance, Keir Assistant Professor 306-966-7937 219 Law
Vandervort, Lucinda Professor 306-966-5889 210 Law
von Tigerstrom, Barbara Professor 306-966-2910 213 Law
Wiegers, Wanda A. Professor 306-966-5877 208 Law


Sessional Lecturers & Associate Members  

Name Title Phone Room #
Amirzadeh, Haidah Sessional Lecturer (Immigration Law, Refugee Law)
Arvanitis-Zorbas, Eleni Sessional Lecturer (Current Issues in Insolvency, Corporate Restructuring)
Baerg, Mark Sessional Lecturer (Negotiation)
Baril, Troy Co-Coach (Davies Corporate/Securities Moot)
Blenkinsop, Nicholas Sessional Lecturer (Prison Law)
Brayford, QC, Mark Coach (Gale Moot) 306-244-5656  
Busch, Jody Sessional Lecturer (Canadian Environmental Regulation)
Campbell, Maria Sessional Lecturer (Circle Teachings Seminar)
Dodge, Amanda Sessional Lecturer (Systemic Justice, Clinical Law Seminar)
Sessional Lecturer (Law and Economics)
Doucette, Amanda Sessional Lecturer (Wills)
Dumonceaux, Gisele Sessional Lecturer (Mediation)
Favel, Paul Sessional Lecturer (First Nations Economic Development)
Gill, Joe Co-Coach (Donald G. H. Bowman National Tax Moot)
Gough, Gillian Sessional Lecturer (Prison Law)
Healy, Kearney Sessional Lecturer (Youth Criminal Justice)
Howie, Leah Coach (Environmental Moot); Sessional Lecturer (Environmental Law)
Kennedy, Robert Sessional Lecturer (Civil Procedure)
Lafleur, Chris Coach (Aboriginal Rights Kawaskimhon Moot)
Lavier, Chris Sessional Lecturer (Civil Procedure)
Lowenberger, Brea Access to Justice Coordinator
Matthews, Colleen Sessional Lecturer (International Trade Law)
Memauri, Andre Coach (Jessup Moot)
Miazga, Stephen Sessional Lecturer (Trusts)
Omoruyi, Benjamin Sessional Lecturer (International Law)
Pajic, Aleksandra Sessional Lecturer (Securities Regulation)
Panko, Charmaine Sessional Lecturer (Negotiation - 03, 04) 306-975-7152
Pfefferle, Brian Sessional Lecturer (Criminal Clinical Law Seminar, co-teaching with Jay Watson)
Quennell, Frank Sessional Lecturer (Advanced Constitutional Law)
Ritter, Iffat Sessional Lecturer (Law and Happiness)
Roberts, Tom Sessional Lecturer (Intellectual Property) 306-966-8751
Roe, Bill Sessional Lecturer (Criminal Procedure)
Sandstrom, Lori Sessional Lecturer (Insurance Law) 306-683-4487
Scharfstein, Grant Sessional Lecturer (Trial Advocacy)
Singer, Anna Coach (Laskin Memorial Moot)
Sittler, Brooke Co-Coach (Donald G. H. Bowman National Tax Moot)
Smith, Ashley Coach (Western Canada Moot) 306-975-7111
Stahl, Dorinda Sessional Lecturer (Drinking and Driving, Criminal Procedure)
Talbot, Tanis Sessional Lecturer (Criminal Procedure)
Wagner, Ian Sessional Lecturer (Civil Procedure - Co-teaching with Chris Lavier)
Watson, Jay Sessional Lecturer (Criminal Law Clinical Seminar, co-teaching with Brian Pfefferle)
Walen, Greg Sessional Lecturer (Family Law 1) 306-653-2838
Warwick, Patti Sessional Lecturer (Municipal Law)
Wright, Michael Co-Coach (Davies Corporate/Securities Moot)
Zakreski, Terry Sessional Lecturer (Trial Advocacy)
Zlotkin, Norman Sessional Lecturer (Aboriginal Law and Policy in Canada)


Professors Emeriti/Visiting Scholars

Name Title Phone Room #
Bowden, Marie-Ann Professor Emerita
Buglass, Russ Professor Emeritus
Clark, Don Professor Emeritus
Cooper-Stephenson, Ken D. Professor Emeritus
Ish, Daniel R. Professor Emeritus
Jordan, Cally Estey Chair in Business Law
Norman, Ken Professor Emeritus 306-966-5888 241 Law
Quigley, Tim Professor Emeritus 306-966-6879 108 Law
Schmeiser, Doug A. Professor Emeritus 306-966-5890 106 Law
Seniuk, Judge Gerald Visiting Scholar