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Working Group 2016

“[A]ccess to justice is the most important issue facing the legal system”. – Chief Justice of Canada the Rt. Honourable Beverley McLachlin

The National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters’, Access to Civil and Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change 2013 (A Roadmap for Change), chaired by the Honourable Mr. Justice Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Canadian Bar Association’s Reaching Equal Justice Report have called upon each of the provinces and territories to create a mechanism, structure, or institution such as a “Working Group” to improve access to justice across Canada. In A Roadmap for Change, these working groups were described as multi-stakeholder collaborations that would “promote, design, and implement change” related to improving access to justice “on a sustained and ongoing basis” (at 20).

The Saskatchewan Access to Justice Working Group (the Working Group) was created in January 2016 to promote, design, and implement this very change – i.e. to identify areas in need of reform, and to provide advice and feedback about initiatives related to improving access to justice on a sustained and ongoing basis across the province.

The Working Group builds off of the successful collaborations formed through the Dean’s Forum on Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice (the Dean’s Forum), and has been established in response to both the national calls to action, and a local recommendation by participants at the 2015 meeting of the Dean’s Forum.

The Working Group is co-chaired by the dean of the College of Law and the deputy minister of justice and deputy attorney general, is supported by the access to justice coordinator, and involves multi-stakeholder membership and collaboration.

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