Ken Norman

Room Number: 241 Law
Phone: 966-5888
Fax: 966-5900

Professional education:

BCL (Oxford) 1967
LLB (Saskatchewan) 1965
BA (Saskatchewan) 1963


Professor Norman joined the faculty in 1968. He is a Member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan. He is on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Court Challenges Programme of Canada, and is also a member of Council and webmaster for the Canadian Section of the International Commission of Jurists. Professor Norman is an editor of The Human Rights Digest and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Human Rights Reporter. Professor Norman has served as counsel to the Saskatchewan Ombudsman, the Canadian Indian Claims Commission, and the Saskatoon Legal Assistance Clinic. He was Chief Commissioner, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, from 1978-82. He has authored several commissioned studies for federal, provincial and municipal governments.

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Publications and Research Work:

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