John Diefenbaker
John Diefenbaker

Law alumni profiled in U of S Nation Builder list

Individuals from Saskatchewan have played a disproportionately large role on the national stage and beyond in championing human rights and social justice, with their contributions helping to build a nation.

College of Law alumni named as U of S Nation Builders include:

  • John Diefenbaker (LLB'19)
  • Emmett Hall (LLB'19)
  • Ted Hughes (LLB'50)
  • Ellen Schmeiser (LLB'57)
  • Walter Tarnopolsky (LLB'57)
  • Roy Romanow (LLB'64)
  • Tom Molloy (LLB'64)
  • William Deverell (JD'63)
  • Ken Norman (LLB'65)
  • Raynell Andreychuk (LLB'67)
  • Ralph Goodale (LLB'72)
  • David Arnot (JD'75)

Read more about these individuals who have had key roles in creating, promoting and defending laws that safeguard the fundamental rights of Canadians on the U of S Canada 150 webpage.

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