Interview Tips

If you are interested in resources to assist you in preparing for interviews please consider the following:

  • Please Review the College of Law Interview Preparation Tips with Sample Questions
  • Contact the third year students/recent graduates who have secured employment in the market you are interested
  • Attend Mock interviews (usually in January)
  • The Career Office has books on preparing for interviews available for sign out
  • Watch for notices as to possible info sessions or workshops. 

The following information has been prepared by Ashley Smith (LLB'07):


  • Book your Interviews Wisely! Make sure you allow yourself enough time between interviews, including transportation time and 'running behind' time. Also leave time to eat or take a break, because you will need it! Try to avoid booking all you interviews on one day. If you have too many on one day, you will not be able to give 100% to every interview.
  • Know Where You Are Going! The best way to know where the firms are located, is to drop off your applications personally (if you are able to). That way you know where the firm is located, and have seen a bit of the office. In case you get lost, make sure you have the firm phone number and address with you on interview days.
  • Dress to Impress! Make sure that you are putting your best 'first impression' forward. This includes when you attend wine and cheeses and other firm events.
  • Prepare! The best way to prepare for articling interviews is to go through the summer student interviews. That way you know what types of questions firms ask, get an opportunity to meet more lawyers, and even get a great summer learning opportunity! Have a sheet of notes on each firm that you are going to. That way if you have a few interviews each day, you will be able to remember anything you wanted to talk about or ask, and brush up you knowledge on the firm.
  • Arrive Early! Interviews are tightly spaced and there is no time for the interviewees to be waiting for you. Aim for 15-20 minutes early at a minimum.

The Interview:

  • Be yourself! Although this may sound cliché, you will have a better interview if you aren't trying to be someone you aren't or trying to give answers you think the lawyers want to hear.
  • Have Fun! Although interviews can be stressful, they are much more successful if you are able to at least appear relaxed and have good conversation.
  • Be Prepared to Talk about Yourself! Although some of us feel awkward about pumping ourselves up to others, this is your only opportunity to let the interviewers know why you are the best person for the job.
  • Ask Questions! Make sure that you have at least two questions prepared, because you will be asked at the end of your interview if you have any questions. Ask creative questions! The answers to these questions may help you narrow down where you would like to work based on the answers you receive from interviewers.