Application Process

Prepare Your Application

For information on drafting a cover letter and resume please see the following:

Application Materials and Information

How should I list my upper year law school courses?

Sample Unofficial Reporting of Grades - when an official transcript is not available

Prepare for Interviews

See Interview Tips in this section of the Career Office pages.  

Be Professional

As a law student you are a member of a professional college and you are entering a profession which is built on integrity. Your reputation and conduct is very important. Keep in mind that your fellow students will be your colleagues in the future, and legal recruiters and most of the people you meet at events are all part of the legal profession. With the honour of being a member of the legal community comes the responsibility to be professional - at law school and beyond. It is important, during the recruitment process, to keep this in mind. 

(link to interviews and professionalism document)