SASKATCHEWAN: Articling & Summer

Articling in Saskatchewan:

The main coordinated recruitment in Saskatchewan occurs at the end of second year for articling positions which commence at the end of third year.  Applications, interviews and offers are typically in May.  The firms that participate in recruitment are typically largers firms in larger centres.  The process is governed by the Articling Guidelines.  The Articling Guidelines are developed at the College of Law with the input of students and legal employers.

Professionalism is of utmost importance. In addition to the Articling Guidelines, students should be comfortable with the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society of Saskatchewan's Code of Conduct and the Law Society of Saskatchewan Rules - all found on the Law Society of Saskatchewan website.

It is estimated that less than half of our class secure articles through coordinated recruitment.  In Saskatchewan, many opportunities arise after the initial recruitment phase. A number of students secure articling positions during third year with legal employers that do not put up job postings. These employers are typcially smaller firms in smaller centres.  If this market is of interest to a student, it is a self directed approach and the student will outreach to law firms. 

Articling 2018 - 2019

Saskatchewan Articling Interview Guidelines 2018-2019 Click Here

Summary of Dates in Spring 2017 for Articles 2018

  • Application Deadline Thursday May 11, 2017 10 am
  • Interviews Thursday and Friday May 25 and 26, 2017
  • Offers Tuesday May 30 2017 10:00 am

Summering in Saskatchewan:

In Saskatchewan, postings for summer positions will occur throughout the year and start in the fall of first year. The firms that put up job postings are mainly large firms in large centres.  There are also a number of summer opportunities that may be posted with employers connected to the legal community.  These offer a great summer expereince and students can continue to check the job postings for opportunities or seek out opportunities by outreaching to employers.  Small and mid size firms may not put up job postings and students are encouraged to reach out to these employers directly if that market is of interest to them.

 Review "Practicing in Saskatchewan" - which provides a useful example of the experience of practicing law in Saskatchewan.

 Other Articling and Summering Opportunities:

There are many opportunities with legal employers who do not actively recruit law students and opportunities may arise at any time. The size or geographical location of the firm, the perception of the firm that interested students will contact them directly, the type of practice, or funding structure, may all be factors in a firm's decision not to actively recruit. In the event you are interested in this type of employer, it will be necessary to do research and actively pursue employment by contacting these employers directly.  While most of these employers will tend to hire after the recruitment phase noted above, it is important to contact these firms early in your law school career to learn about the market, make connections and create opportunity.