ONTARIO: Articling & Summer

Articling in Ontario:

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) governs the summer and articling recruitment process across Ontario. Most centres are governed by the rules but some are not. 

The main coordinated recruitment in most centres is for summer positions and most firms will fill their articling positions with summer students.

Typically the deadline for submitting Toronto articling applications is July, with interviews taking place over about a three-day period in August (usually the same time period as Vancouver). A call date is established amongst the firms to set interviews and a second call date is set for offers. Many firms fill their articling positions with summer positions.  If you are interested in articling outside of Toronto, the application deadline dates are usually in May with interviews as early as June. The LSUC Rules cover the dates and procedures in a variety of jurisdictions and in the event a student is interested in articling in Ontario it is very important to research firms and opportunities, and to make contact, attend firm receptions and conduct firm visits.

Students should also refer to the Best Practices guide, which is intended to dovetail with the Law Society of Upper Canada Recruitment Procedures and Guidelines, and should be read in conjunction with them (see links below).

Online Applications - Most Toronto firms that actively recruit will be accepting applications through the VI Desktop online portal.

Application Deadlines - it is suggested that students submit their applications well in advance of the deadline date.

Summering in Ontario:

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) governs summer recruitment for most centres across Ontario. Recruitment information can be found in the LSUC Rules. Typically the summer position deadline in Toronto is at the end of August for second-year students and January for first-year students. Firms often encourage students to have their application package in well before the deadline date. Most firms in Toronto and some firms in other cities will accept applications through the online ports (see the link above). 

Toronto 2L Summer 2017 occured in the fall of 2016.  Information for summer 2018 will be posted when it is available.

Toronto 1L Summer 2017

  • Portal opens December 29 and the final application deadline is January 25, 2017 (it is suggested that you apply well before the application deadline)
  • Call to offer interview on February 10, 2017
  • Interviews February 21 - February 23, 2017 in Toronto
  • Offers Feb ruary 24, 2017 8:00 am ET

Ottawa: See the Summary of Dates for Summer 2017 and Articling 2018 Here

  • 1L and 2L General Summer 2017 Portal Opens December 14 (it is suggested that you apply well before the application deadline)
  • Articling Applicaitons are due in May
  • Summer IP is usully in the fall and general summer applications are usually due in January
London: Summer 1L and 2L Summer application deadline is usually in January.


Other Articling and Summering Opportunities:

There are many opportunities with legal employers who do not actively recruit law students and opportunities may arise at any time. The size or geographical location of the firm, the perception of the firm that interested students will contact them directly, the type of practice, or funding structure, may all be factors in a firm's decision not to actively recruit. In the event you are interested in this type of employer, it will be necessary to do research and actively pursue articles by contacting these employers directly.  While most of these employers will tend to hire after the recruitment phase noted above, it is important to contact these firms early in your law school career to learn about the market, make connections and create opportunity.