MANITOBA: Articling & Summer

There are a set of Guidelines that govern the articling recruitment process.  Please see the following link:

If you intend to participate in this process, please contact the career office at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law as we will forward your name to the career office at Robson Hall, Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba.

Other Articling and Summering Opportunities:

There are many opportunities with legal employers who do not actively recruit law students and opportunities may arise at any time. The size or geographical location of the firm, the perception of the firm that interested students will contact them directly, the type of practice, or funding structure, may all be factors in a firm's decision not to actively recruit. In the event you are interested in this type of employer, it will be necessary to do research and actively pursue articles by contacting these employers directly.  While most of these employers will tend to hire after the recruitment phase noted above, it is important to contact these firms early in your law school career to learn about the market, make connections and create opportunity.