Finding Work: Recruitment

Information regarding job postings may be found in the Job Postings section of the College of Law Career Services website. As well, students can eview individual firm websites, the Vi Desktop On Line portal and the NALP Directory of Legal Employers.

Consider all possibilities

Some legal employers will put up job postings and participate in coordianted recruitment activities (ie the same application, interview and offer dates for all firms participating).  These are typically larger firms in larger centres.  However, many law firms do not look for summer/articling students.  These employers are mainly smaller firms in smaller centres and public interst/social justice organizations.  If you are interested in this market, it is a self directed process and you will need to do your research and outreach.

Summer Postions

Summering at a law firm provides a great expereince. You will gain invaluable information about the practice of law to assist you in making an informed decision about your career path. In the event that you are interested in working in centres such as Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton you should seriously consider summer employment to assist you in these competitive markets. Most employers in these markets fill articling positions with summer students, especially when the market is slow. 

Loyalty - it is important to recognize that law firms value loyalty.  Therefore if you apply for a summer position, you should be thinking of your long term plans.  If you work with one legal employer in the summer, others may have questions about your loyalty if you apply to them at a later date.

Other summer options - there are other options with employers that are connected to the legal community, ie legal and hr departments at organizations, government and quasi government organizations, administrative tribunals, banks, internships etc.  Some of these are posted in the job postings and many opportunities are created through student outreach. 

Know the process

Once you have an idea of the jurisdiction in which you wish to practice (where you want to live and work), you will need to familiarize yourself with the recruitment process and general procedures of that region. This section of our website can help you in that regard. See the tabs to the right for information on the process in various provinces, clerkships and government. 

Beyond recruitment rules, recruitment periods, application procedures, deadline dates, interview dates and rules regarding offers and how long they are open, it is important to be aware of the particular Law Society’s rules and Bar Association’s procedures, local practices, and the Code of Professional Conduct. Use the information provided by the Career Office as a guide only. Always check the direct source for correct and complete information. Professionalism is very important during the recruitment process – it is essential for you to be comfortable with the process and procedures.

Any employment opportunity you pursue is a building block in your career. Consider your options carefully and take action with your future in mind.