Showcase of Saskatchewan Firms

CBA - Saskatchewan Branch
Showcase of Saskatchewan Firms

Date: November 2 2016

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When information for 2016 is available it will be posted, in the meantime the informaiton for 2015 is provided.  It provides a schedule and list of participating firms.  It is anticipated the event will be similar this year.

 2016 Schedule and List of Participating Firms

 Background - Students requested a forum to:

  1. learn about opportunities in Saskatchewan;
  2. learn about what it is like to practice law; and
  3. ask questions about future career paths

This event is held in response to that request. The CBA, Saskatchewan Branch and the Career Office coordinate this event to allow students to have access to information about various practice areas and opportunities.  Law firms from across Saskatchewan attend at the College to meet with students to raise awareness about the various opportunities and exciting career possibilities right here in our province.  Approximately 20 Saskatchewan employers ranging from government, private practice, and urban, rural small and large firms will attend the event.   There are three main components to the Showcase (1) Roundtable Information sessions (2) Showcase Career Fair (3) Reception

All law students are invited to attend. 

Dress Code:  Suggestions - Business (dark conservative suits).  As a professional school and as we will be hosting guests at the College we encourage you to display your professionalism and respect and consider wearing a suit.  The main objective is for you to be comfortable and come out to learn about career options so there is not a strict dress code.  For more information on dress code please see: 

Dress Code Information

Info Fair:  While some firms will be at the event to advise students of summer and articling opportunities, this is not a recruitment event but rather an event to learn about possible career paths and options in the future.  Resume - as this is not a recruitment event, you will not be required to have or leave a copy of your resume.  Rather, you are encouraged to go around and visit each firm, introduce yourself and ask questions to learn about the firm and area of practice.  As they are guests at the College, we want them to feel welcome and encourage students to visit all booths. 

Topics of Conversation

Keep notes of who you met, what impression you had, send thank you notes.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

If you have any questions please contact the Career Office at 966-1924