Career Fairs

Career Fairs

The Career Office is proud to work with the LSA, ILSA and CBA - Saskatchewan Branch in providing two separate and unique career fairs for our students including the Showcase of Saskatchewan Firms which occurs in the fall and the Career Forum which typically occurs at the end of February or beginning of March.

Career Forum 2017 - 2018

The next event is aniticipated in March 2018. For now, information as to the event that occured in March 2017 is left up for informational purposes.

Event Agenda 2017

List of Attending Firms and Representatives click here


General Information: This two-day event attracts over 30 firms from across Western Canada who are in attendance to meet with students from first to third year. The event kicks off with a Wine and Cheese on Friday evening. On Saturday morning students will be treated to info sessions hosted by law firm representatives on a variety of exciting topics. After a networking luncheon for law firm representatives and students, the parties will proceed to the career info fair for the afternoon. Firm representatives are located at booths and are there to meet with and share and provide information to our students. Once the formal part is complete, Saturday evening provides an opportunity for further socialization at the LSA organized event.

Why Should You (1L 2L and 3L ) Attend This Event?

General Information and Preparation for Students

Dress Code: The Career Forum is comprised of a number of different events ranging from the most formal events occurring during the day on Saturday to slightly less formal on Friday and Saturday evening.  It is suggested that as this is a recruitment event you could comfortably wear business formal (dark conservative suits) to all events.  Reception wear/dressy business casual would suffice for the Friday and Saturday evening.  Formal business attire (suits) is suggested for the events during the day on Saturday. Please note some events may seem quite social, however the firm representatives are here to assess and recruit students and will consider your dress, actions and behavior through that framework throughout the whole weekend. For a more detailed description on dress code please see the General Information webpage and ask the student representatives for information.

More details to follow at a later date.

For more information please contact the Career Office at 306-966-1924.