Keir Vallance, Lawyer, Bainbridge Jodouin Cheecham, will provide an introduction to employment law, human rights law, and Law Society rules as they relate to the relationship between articling students and their principals and employers.

The articling relationship will be covered from the interview process through to the end of articles. The session will include discussion around what prospective employers can (and shouldn’t) ask, clauses to be aware of in employment contracts, harassment in the workplace, and other matters of interest to those entering the profession and job market.  The presentation will also discuss the Law Society of Saskatchewan's 2019 Articling Program Assessment Research Report and the Law Society of Alberta's new Articling Placement Program.

Event Details

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST
MLT Aikins Lecture Theatre (Room 150) College of Law


Shari Thompson, Director of Career Development