Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp Native Law Centre to receive $185,000 to support Innovation and Indigenization Project

The Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp Native Law Centre will receive $185,000 in 2019-20 to support their Innovation and Indigenization Project.

Funding for this initiative is being provided through the Government of Canada’s Justice Partnership and Innovation Program, and began in fiscal year 2019-20. In order to ensure that work could start quickly, the Department of Justice launched an initial invitational call for proposals to existing institutes working on the revitalization of Indigenous laws for the first year of funding. The Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp’s application was one of three applications approved by the Department of Justice Canada.

The project will help to deepen the Centre’s understanding of Indigenous legal traditions, legal education and reconciliation. This knowledge will assist the Centre in working with Indigenous communities towards achieving full self-determination, as well as encourage dialogue on justice issues, such as access to justice. The Centre will work with and learn from Indigenous Elders, legal personnel and scholars, as well as law students and community members to further Indigenize the Centre’s Summer Program curriculum. 

“The Native Law Centre is pleased to receive this financial support to further build our programs, publications, research and community outreach on Indigenous laws,” said Marilyn Poitras, associate director for the Centre.

“This support allows us to move ahead within the current legal framework to enhance research related to Indigenous voices, laws and practice. It is a welcomed funding opportunity.”

Read the Justice Canada announcement here.