Program of Legal Studies for Native People gets new name

The Native Law Centre (NLC) at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law has renamed its flagship program, the Program of Legal Studies for Native People, to the Native Law Centre Summer Program.

“The NLC staff agreed that it was time to change the program’s title,” said Kathleen Makela, the centre’s coordinator for programs and community outreach. “We felt that the former name was too cumbersome, and that the Native Law Centre Summer Program fit better with the NLC’s overall identity.” 

In addition, the eight-week program will now start in the second week of May, and wrap up by the end of June. These new, earlier dates will allow law schools to receive students’ results sooner, and leave two months in summer for students to work before embarking on their legal studies in the fall.

The changes are part of an ongoing revisioning and restructuring process at the NLC.  

The NLC Summer Program gives Indigenous students from across Canada the opportunity to study first-year property law before beginning law school.

It helps prepare Indigenous students to succeed in their legal education, integrates Indigenous issues into their studies, and facilitates a smooth transition to the law school environment. Many students take the program as a condition of their acceptance to law school. 

Learn more about the NLC Summer Program here.