Computers and Printing

The Student Computing Guide on the U of S website provides complete network and computing resources to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provides complete information regarding the technical services available at the U of S.

The Campus Print Accounting System (CPAS) provides information about student printing services at the U of S.

Individual File Storage is provided to all admitted and registered students, including graduate students, instructors, researchers and employees on Cabinet to store their data and information.

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Connecting with the College of Law through PAWS, email and social media is essential for keeping yourself informed and building connections with the services and people who are here to help you. Here is some helpful information to get you started.

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Student Computer Access

  1. The college and the Law Library are equipped with wireless internet. Students with laptops have access to the entire U of S network from anywhere in the college, the Law Library and many other locations on campus.
  2. The Law Library has laptops and netbooks available to students for research use within the library. There is also printer for students on the wireless network located near the main entrance of the library.
  3. The Law Student Lounge on the main floor of the new building has an access terminal, several wireless access points and a printer for student use.
  4. Internet Access from Home: Students can also access their U of S email accounts and online course materials from outside the university.

Computers and MS Office

The Campus Computer Store offers competitive prices on laptops. You can order these preconfigured for use on the University of Saskatchewan network, with MS Office pre-installed.

Microsoft Office is now provided to students by the University, at no cost.  For information please see

Wireless Access

The College of Law and the Law Library are equipped with wireless Internet. Students with laptops, tablets and mobile devices have access to the entire U of S network from anywhere in the college, the Law Library and many other locations on campus.

Connecting to the University's Wireless Network:

Get directions for connecting to the U of S wireless network.

Student Printing

Information on printing services can be found at

There are two CPAS printers available for student use at the College of Law. One is in the Law Library, the other is in the Law Student Lounge. Both are maintained by the U of S ITS department.

To use these printers, they must first be set up on your computer. Follow these steps:

  • ensure you are connected to the U of S network (see Wireless Access below for more information)
  • click Start
  • click Run
  • in the Run window, type \\printspool 
  • click OK

When you click OK, you will get a window asking for your User ID (NSID) and password.

  • enter your User ID (NSID) in the format: usask\abc123
  • enter your password

A new window will pop up with a list of available printers.

  • choose law-lounge-lex for the Law Student Lounge printer and double click on it
  • allow time for the connection to be made
  • choose law4bw1 for the Law Library printer and double click on it
  • allow time for the connection to be made

Once the printers have finished connecting, you can use either as long as you have credit in your CPAS account. Simply choose the printer you want to use in the print dialogue.

This map shows the locations of other available CPAS printers on campus.

If you are having trouble setting up CPAS printers on your computer, go to the Student Help Desk in Arts, Room 70 (in the basement of the Arts building) and ask for assistance.


As a University of Saskatchewan student, you automatically have access to PAWS (Personalized Access to Web Services). To log in, you must have an NSID and password. When you log in, you'll find channels presenting information and services specific to you and your U of S student account. Through this portal, you can access your e-mail (Webmail), check your print page status, find information about your classes or tuition and obtain information regarding activities on campus.

To access your email in PAWS:

1. Log in to using your NSID and password.

2. Select the Email and Calendar link in the left sidebar.

3. Your email will open as an Outlook Web App in a separate window.

Any information e-mailed to you from the College of Law will be sent to this address. You are responsible for checking this address and you will be responsible for any failure to do so. To personalize your e-mail address, or arrange to forward your messages to another account, visit the IT Support website.