Academic Requirements

The program of studies leading to the Juris Doctor (JD) degree requires three years of study in the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.

In order to obtain the degree of Juris Doctor, a student must:



Students are required to attend classes in courses in which they are registered. Persistent failure to attend may lead to exclusion from the examinations. Students may not take additional courses in other faculties without the permission of the Associate Dean, Academic.


Financial Considerations and Employment

The monetary cost of attending law school is significant. Students should budget for average direct costs (tuition, compulsory student fees, books, living costs) that may exceed $18,000 per academic year. To achieve the best results while at law school, you should have the financial resources to allow for your full commitment to the academic program requirements. The college recommends that students forgo employment during the eight months of the school term. The time and effort required for legal studies is considerable and leaves little room for a full or part-time job. Both your school work and your job may suffer as a result of potentially competing demands. If some employment is an absolute necessity, students may still wish to arrange for leave during the last two months of each semester in order to prepare for and write exams. The college has a limited amount of bursary money available to assist those with the greatest demonstrated need.

More information is available for tuition, fees and student loans, as well as scholarships and financial assistance on our website.  


Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence during the school year is not permitted except in unusual circumstances. Students who only complete one term are considered half-time students for promotion or supplemental purposes. A leave of absence of one year or more is permitted upon notification to the Associate Dean, Academic before the commencement of the academic year. Students ordinarily must complete the JD requirements within five years in order to receive their degree. Students wishing to complete the JD requirements beyond the five-year period must obtain permission from the Associate Dean, Academic.



Students who withdraw from the college can only return: 

  1. First year students: by applying for re-admission in competition with other students applying for admission in that year
  2. Upper Year students: with permission of the faculty


Standards for Promotion

To be promoted from first year, students must obtain a 64% average, with no F's, and must have at least 60% in the Legal Research and Writing Requirement (in which they must have completed all components).

To be promoted within the upper year program, students need a 64% average each year and they need to complete the relevant writing requirements (minor paper in second year, major paper during the degree, seminar course during the degree).

For complete details, students may consult the U of S University Council Regulations on Examinations in conjunction with the college's Assessment Regulations (PDF 84 Kb) taking priority wherever they modify or supplement the U of S regulations.


Questions about academic requirements should be directed to:
Doug Surtees, Associate Dean Academic
Phone: (306) 966-5242