Brenda Yuen successfully defended her thesis, Trauma Informed Lawyering: Practicing Emotional Acknowledgement on January 23, 2023. Supervisor: Sarah Buhler. 

Ademola Adeyoju successfully defended his thesis, STATE SURVEILLANCE, THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY, AND WHY WE MAY NEED A NEW INTERNATIONAL LAW on November 14, 2022. Supervisor: Dr. Barbara von Tigerstrom.

Feyisola Akintoye successfully defended her thesis, Multilateralism and the Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into International Investment Law on October 26, 2022. Supervisor: Professor Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu.

PHD - Amy Zarzeczny On October 3, 2022 Amy successfully defended her PhD thesis titled Regulation and Governance of Access to Unproven Medical Interventions in Canada: A Case Study Analysis. At Spring 2023 graduation, Amy will earn the first ever USask PhD in Law degree!  Supervisor:  Dr. Barbara von Tigerstrom.

Mason Stott successfully defended his thesis, Legislative Reform to Foster a Sustainable Orbital Launch Industry in Canada in April 2022.  Supervisor:  Robin Hansen.

Michelle Delorme successfully defended her thesis, SUPPORTING PROPERTY INTERESTS ON LANDS RESERVED FOR FIRST NATIONS, in February 2022. Supervisor:  Dwight Newman.

RANKINE, Alan. Judicial Interpretation, Formal Amendment or the Ballot Box: Recognizing Civic Democracy in the Constitution of Canada (2021)
Supervisors: Felix Hoehn and Mark Carter

MALOOF, Meredith. Post-Mortem Organs and Tissue Through a Property Law Lens: How Principles of Property Law Can Guide Lawmakers to a Better Organ Donation Framework (2021)
Supervisor: Felix Hoehn.

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Supervisor: Robin Hansen

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Supervisor: Dwight Newman.

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Supervisor: Larry Chartrand.

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Supervisor: Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu.

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Supervisor: Dwight Newman

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Supervisor: Glen Luther

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Supervisor: Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu

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Supervisor: Dwight Newman

YOUNG, Frankie. A Comprehensive Assessment of the Tax Issues Related to Indigenous Settlement Trusts (2018)
Supervisor: Tamara Larre

VEETTIL, Sheethal. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Over Forest Resource Governance in India and Canada: Debating the Role of Decentralization (2018) 
Supervisor: Dwight Newman

HARRIS, Emily. Addressing the Needs of Patients with Rare Diseases in Canada: An Evaluation of Orphan Drug Incentives (2018)
Supervisor: Barbara von Tigerstrom

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Supervisor: Dwight Newman

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Supervisor: Michaela Keet

ABBOTT, Christina. Street Checks and Canadian Youth: A Critical Legal Analysis (2017)
Supervisor: Sarah Buhler

FRIMPONG, Antwi. Using Technology for Access to Justice in Ghana and Canada: Examining the Digital Divide (2017) Supervisor: Sarah Buhler

ABEY, Molla. Anomaly of Existing Intellectual Property Protection for Software (2017)
Supervisor: Martin Phillipson

MILLER, Clayton. Judicial Mediation in British Columbia:  Moving Towards a More Effective Process (2017)
Supervisor: Beth Bilson

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Supervisor: Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu

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Supervisor: Wanda Wiegers

CAMPBELL, Heather. Parens Patriae 2.0: Invoking the Superior Courts’ Protective Jurisdiction to Help Lonely Older Men Age-in-place (2016)
Supervisor: Professor Doug Surtees

AYOTUNDE, Olufunmilola. Legal and Institutional Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Participation in Oil and Gas Management in Nigeria: Perspectives on the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Approach (2016)
Supervisor: Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu

ODUNTAN, Mobolanle. The Role of Taxation in Nigeria's Oil and Gas Sector Reforms - Learning from the Canadian Experience (2015)
Supervisor: Professor Tamara Larre

NORTH, Adam. The Sale of Law: Ethical Advising and Advocacy in Light of Billing in Civil Litigation (2015)
Supervisor: Michaela Keet

STOCKDALE, Jonathan. The Freedom to Farm in an Urban Era: A Constitutional Review of Saskatoon’s Prohibition on Urban Micro-Livestocking (2015) 
Supervisor: Professor S. Buhler

ADEFEMI, Adedoyin. Widows as ‘Cultural Tools’:  Translating Widows’ Rights into Local Realities in Uganda and Nigeria (2015) 
Supervisor: Professor L. Vandervort.

SAUDER, JoAnne. Canada’s Experiment with Children’s Fitness and Activity Credits (2014) 
Supervisor: Tamara Larre

STARBLANKET, Tamara. Genocide: Indigenous Nations and the State of Canada (2014)
Supervisor: Dwight Newman

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Supervisor: Norman Zlotkin

JAMIESON, Evan. Wildlife Disease, Land Use, and the Tragedy of the Commons Theorizing economic solutions to the problem of wildlife disease control (2014)
Supervisor: Patricia Farnese

BITTERNOSE, Leah.  Kihci-Asotamatowin (The Treaty Sovereign's Sacred Agreements) and the Crown's Constitutional Obligations to Holders of Treaty Rights Through Consultation and Restoration of Treaty Constitutionalism (2014)

Supervisor: Sákéj Henderson

HAYTON, Susan.  Accommodation of Religious and Cultural Differences in Medical School Training (2014)
Supervisor: Barbara von Tigerstrom

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Supervisor:  Dwight Newman

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Supervisor: Sakej Henderson

HODGES, Melanie.  Back to Where We Started?  The Expansion of the Saskatchewan Justice Alternative Measures Guidelines as an Opportunity to Explore Program Delivery Issues (2013)
Supervisor: Michaela Keet

OMORUYI Benjamin.  Taking Suffering Seriously:  A Robust Approach to Enforcing the Right to Nationality of Stateless People (2013)
Supervisor: Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu

FORESTER, Nathan. Examining the Creation of Common Law Police Powers in Canada (2013)
Supervisor: Glen Luther

VALLANCE, Keir.  Lest You Undermine Our Struggle: Sympathetic Action and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (2013)
Supervisor: Beth Bilson

FLAMINIO, Anna.  Gladue through wahkotowin:  Social History through Cree kinship lens at Corrections and Parole (2013)
Supervisor: Norman Zlotkin

ADAMS, Nkasi.  Guyana’s REDD+ Model and AmerIndian Rights (2013)
Supervisor: Ruth Thompson

TOTH, Adryan.  Law in 3-Dimensions (2013)
Supervisor: Dwight Newman

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Supervisor: Glen Luther

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Supervisors: Sharon Mascher & Marie Ann Bowden

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Supervisor: Ruth Thompson

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Supervisor: Julien Payne

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Supervisor: Norman Zlotkin

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