Saskatchewan’s Sophisticated Commercial Law Landscape: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Michael W. Milani, KC, Estey Chair in Business Law, College of Law


Michael is Chair of the Executive Committee of McDougall Gauley LLP. He is a past President of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, and a past President of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. He is the Chair of the Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan. Michael is a Fellow of the Insolvency Institute of Canada and has a wealth of experience drawn from his broad banking law, insolvency, and commercial practice, including related litigation. He has appeared before all levels of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Michael will explore his proposition that Saskatchewan has been, and continues to be, a leader in the development of commercial law. He will describe his theory as to why that has occurred and the convergence of elements that resulted in such development.

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12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CST
MLT Aikins Lecture Theatre (Room 150), College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
Oct.17 Michael Milani


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