This session if for all 2L students who are applying for SK Articling and Clerking positions for 2023-2024.  You will have the opportunity to hear from each upper year student on what the formal recruitment process was like for them, (from researching firms/organizations, networking, job search documents, applying, and interviewing) to how they were able to successfully turn their interview into an offer!  Even if you are applying in other provinces, this session is applicable, as it will be filled with tips and tricks on how to leverage being a competitive applicant!  

This will be an informal conversation, allowing each one of the panelists to speak to for about 6 minutes about their experiences and what worked for them.  Then the student panel will take your questions, for a Q and A.  

  • 3L Allie Harrington, McDougall Gauley LLP, Saskatoon
  • 3L Walker Paterson, Seiferling Law, Saskatoon
  • 3L Danielle Hopkins, Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • 3L Emily Arthur, Court of Queen’s Bench, Regina
  • 3L Evan Morrow, Department of Justice, Saskatoon
  • 3L Dexter Bricker, MLT Regina

Event Details

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM CST
Online via Zoom


Shari Thompson, Director of Career Development