On September 28 Tuesday at 4:30 pm (CST) at Room 150 at the Law Building (15 Campus Dr.), we are holding an event called the Forgotten Fundamental Freedoms of the Charter, where Dr. Dwight Newman (College of Law), Derek Ross (Executive Director of the Christian Legal Fellowship), and Kristopher Kinsinger (National Director of the Runnymede Society) will participate. We welcome everyone to join.

The guests will exchange views on some of the freedoms that are enshrined in s.2 of the Charter but have not seen their day in court, including the freedom of conscience, thought, belief, opinion, the press, other media of communication, peaceful assembly, and association. Issues such as why they are important in a liberal democracy, relevant jurisprudential background, and what their potentials are in the future, etc. will be addressed. There will be a lively panel discussion between the guests, and conversations with the audience are highly encouraged during the Q&A session. 

Event Details

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM CST
Room 150


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