2017 Dispute Resolution Week focuses on client-centred advocacy skills

The annual first-year dispute resolution program kicked off today at the College of Law. This mandatory, one-week program is about the lawyer-client relationship, at the heart of lawyering.

In advancing clients’ interests, lawyers employ a wide range of advocacy skills: communication, problem-solving and negotiation skills, in addition to courtroom advocacy. This program introduces first-year law students to various processes and skills that lawyers use in resolving disputes.

Throughout the week, students will hear from a number of negotiation and dispute resolution experts, contribute to group discussions and participate in mediation and negotiation simulations. The program will conclude on Friday with a simulated youth sentencing conference at the Provincial Court in Saskatoon.

The success of the program depends on a number of volunteer instructors, facilitators and upper-year students. Without their time and effort, this unique educational opportunity would not exist and so the College of Law extends a huge “thank-you” to all involved.