College hosts “Let’s talk about Islamophobia” event

On February 24, more than 60 students from the College of Law and across campus assembled in the MLT lecture theatre to hear Khalid Minhas, an imam at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Saskatoon, address key issues surrounding Islamophobia.

Minhas stressed that Muslim followers of the radical interpretations of the Koran that are used to justify accts of violence are small minority of Muslims around the world, and that it important to avoid subscribing to stereotypes. He stated that education about the principles of the Islamic faith is an important tool for developing mutual understanding. His presentation was followed by a question and answer session and a reception for all attendees.

The event was organized by the College of Law in conjunction with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) and LEVEL. The college is committed to ensuring that all students feel welcome, included, and safe, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.

“It is important for our students to learn more about their Muslim neighbours and classmates,” said interim dean Beth Bilson, “and it is our hope that events like this will keep that discussion going."

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