Project partners

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, CREATE Justice, College of Law, Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan & Saskatoon Industry Education Council

Project description

This project, launched in 2020 is a multi-stakeholder coalition determined to address and prevent sexual harassment in Saskatchewan workplaces. We are committed to working with government, business, industry associations, unions and community organizations to make workplaces throughout Saskatchewan safe for everyone.

The mandate of our coalition is to:

  1. Increase awareness about sexual harassment in Saskatchewan’s workplaces.
  2. Provide support and education to those impacted, such as:
    • Those who have experienced sexual harassment
    • Employees who have witnessed sexual harassment
    • Perpetrators of sexual harassment
    • Managers and employers
    • Those preparing to enter the workforce
    • Business advocacy organizations
    • Community and municipal advocacy organizations
  1. Reduce and prevent incidences of sexual harassment that affect the lives of too many people in our province, both directly and indirectly
  2. Bring about a change in long-established societal attitudes and behaviors

Specifically, CREATE Justice has been involved with helping to coordinate the evaluation associated with the Enough Already project from an access to justice lens, using an Access to Justice Measurement Framework. 

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