Architects of Justice

Research Snapshot: Architects of Justice

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About the project

Project Lead: Brea Lowenberger, Director, CREATE Justice and Access to Justice Coordinator
Collaborators: Just Rights (College of Law student group)

The Architects of Justice project emerged from the Dean’s Forum theme of “putting the public first.” Architects of Justice is an initiative that, through an exploratory survey, increases public participation in developing access to justice solutions. The survey, launched during the First Annual Access to Justice Week (October 2016), was designed to help us understand law in the public’s life and how the justice system can be improved. This information will help to identify (i) where the public may choose to go for help when facing a legal issue; (ii) reasons people might not take action through the legal system; and (iii) how we can make it easier for people to deal with their legal problems. Survey responses will provide meaningful input to help justice stakeholders improve the justice system.  

Architects of Justice was created in Ontario by The Action Group on Access to Justice. The survey conducted in Saskatchewan replicates the Ontario initiative to invite Saskatchewan residents to imagine the justice system of the future.

Project news

Architects of Justice Survey Report (March 2017)

Brea Lowenberger and Alex Santos, “Highlights from Day 5 of Access to Justice Week” (Legal Sourcery Blog, Law Society of Saskatchewan, October 26, 2016)

Brea Lowenberger, “Access to Justice Week Highlight – Putting the Public First in A2J initiatives” (Legal Sourcery Blog, Law Society of Saskatchewan, October 20, 2016)