2023 Posters

These posters were displayed at the seventh annual poster competition on March 3, 2023:

Kira Tollefson - Psychological Detention in R v Lafrance: What Would a “Reasonable Person” in the Shoes of an Indigenous Accused Perceive?

Bailey Woloshyn - The Link Between Housing Precarity & the Saskatchewan Income Support Program for Women in the Criminal Justice System

Kennedy Marley - Absent Father Figures and Intergenerational Involvement in Crime in Indigenous Communities

Wendy Corden - Problem-Solving or Problem-Starting?: Addressing the Overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in the Criminal Justice System through Reconstruction of Therapeutic Courts

Caydence Marley - Unpacking and comparison of historical stereotypes and realities of Indigenous peoples' gang involvement across Canada. 

Amanda Lehmann - Reducing Bail Related Administration of Justice Offences for Youth: An Analysis of Key 2019 Youth Criminal Justice Act Amendments

Anna Little, Caid Brossart, Kyla N. Daslin - The Unintended Consequences of Transparency: Saskatchewan Office of Residential Tenancies Written Decisions

Grace Gardner - Child Placement Considerations in Saskatchewan's Child and Family Services Act: Does s. 53 Prioritize the Child's Best Interests?

Jordan Calladine - Proposed Feasible and Necessary Framework for a Saskatchewan-Wide Indigenous Court: Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Call to Action 42

Zeyad Aboudheir - David’s Goliath: Financing your Day in Court


2022 Posters

These posters were displayed at the sixth annual poster competition on March 10, 2022:

Zeyad Aboudheir - Economic Benefit as Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

Tim Haggstrom - Double Jeopardy in Canada Beneath the surface of the words “question of law alone” in section 676 of the Criminal Code.

Moira Koops - Why The Age of The YCJA Should Be 25 and Under

Isabelle, MacLeanRacing Emotions: The Effect of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests on Legislative Reform in Canada and the United States

Eseosa Omoruyi - Regulating the use of Crypto-Assets in Secured Transactions: Reform of the Applicable Perfection Provisions of the Personal Property Security Act

Brendan Thompson - Recent Developments in Canadian Sexual Assault Law

Muhammad Riaz - Mandatory Jury Instructions on Implicit Bias

Vanessa Roberts - Victims are Entitled to Reasons – An Application of Procedural Fairness After Vavilov to Survivors in Sexual Assault Cases

David Werner - Reframing Our Understanding Of Cree and Métis Families in Relation to an Act Respecting First Nations Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families S.C. 2019

Brenda Yuen - Practicing Intentionality in Trauma-Informed Lawyering Towards Humanizing Legal Experiences


2019 Posters

These posters were displayed at the third annual poster competition on March 13, 2019:

Alexandra Barlas - Medical-Legal Partnerships: The Crossing Paths of Two Disciplines

Janna Mitchell - The Real Cost of Law School Tuition: Why Increasing Canadian Law School Tuition is an Access to Justice Issue (Please note that citations are not included)

Valerie Warwick - The Underrepresentation of Indigenous People on Juries

ShayAnne Surtees - MAXED OUT: Indigenous prisoners and maximum security

Mason Stott – Medical-Legal Partnerships: What are the costs and benefits

2018 Poster Competition.