Research Snapshot: Justice Sector Data Inventory Project

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About the project

Research team: Heather Heavin, Michaela Keet, Brent Cotter, Brea Lowenberger (and formerly, Janelle Anderson).

CREATE Justice has spearheaded a data inventory and evaluation research project focused on justice sector actors and organizations involved in resolving everyday legal problems in Saskatchewan. The purpose of the research was to understand the data collection practices of justice sector actors, the type of data that is being collected, and how data is being used to inform service delivery and justice system improvements. The research provides a descriptive inventory of the state of data collection, analysis, and use for the Saskatchewan justice sector and identifies common trends, issues, gaps, and opportunities for improvement. 

Read the executive summary and full report below. We invite you to get involved with next steps arising from the report.

Get involved

CREATE Justice is interested in collaborating with justice stakeholders to build off of the Saskatchewan Justice Sector Data Inventory Survey Report, to continue identifying existing data sources that may currently demonstrate or identify access to justice gaps and unmet needs. If you are an organization that collects justice related data, please contact us to get involved at

Project news

Heather Heavin & Brea Lowenberger, “Saskatchewan Justice Data and Metrics Collection and Needs Assessment – Revisiting Access to Justice Measurement Framework, inventory, and needs assessment topics”, Saskatchewan Access to Justice Network meeting (Saskatoon, November 18, 2019)

Heather Heavin, Michaela Keet, Brent Cotter, QC, and Brea Lowenberger, CREATE Justice Update: Data Informed Decision-Making and Saskatchewan’s Justice Sector Inventory Project (Canadian Bar Association Saskatchewan Branch BarNotes, Fall 2019)

Heather Heavin, “Highlights and Discussion About Next Steps on Justice Sector Data Inventory and Evaluation Project”, Saskatchewan Access to Justice Network meeting (Regina, June 26, 2019)

Student research assistants help advance health and data topics at CREATE Justice (, November 13, 2018)