Faculty publications

Litigation Risk Analysis and Assessment

H. Heavin and M. Keet, “Litigation Risk Analysis:  Using Rigorous Projections to Encourage and Inform Settlement”, Journal of Arbitration and Mediation (forthcoming)

H. Heavin and M. Keet, “A Spectrum of Tools to Support Litigation Risk Assessment:  Promise and Limitations”, (2017) 15 Canadian Journal of Law and Technology 265

M. Keet, H. Heavin and S. Sparrow, “Anticipating and Managing the Psychological Cost of Civil Litigation”, (2017) 34(1) Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 73

M. Keet, “Litigation Risk Assessment as Tool to Enhance Negotiation”, (2017) 19(1) Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 17

M. Keet, “Informed Decision-Making in Judicial Mediation and the Assessment of Litigation”, (2018) 33(1) Ohio State Journal of Dispute Resolution 65 

H. Heavin and M. Keet, “Skating to Where the Puck Will be:  Exploring Settlement Counsel and Risk Analysis in the Negotiation of Commercial Disputes” (2013) 76(2) Saskatchewan Law Review 191.

Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Project

Beth Bilson, Brea Lowenberger, & Graham Sharp, “Reducing the ‘Justice Gap’ Through Access to Legal Information: Establishing Access to Justice Entry Points at Public Libraries“ (2018) 34:2 Windsor YB Access Just 99.

More publications coming soon.