About the Project

Alliance Members: CREATE Justice in Saskatchewan, Access to Justice BC, Reforming the Family Justice System in Alberta, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ), and Access to Justice and Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia

The Law Foundation of British Columbia awarded $100,000 in 2022 to the Cross-Canada Family Justice Transformation Strategy. The project will support Canadian jurisdictions in shifting their family justice systems to achieve family wellbeing. Rooted in the evidence of brain science and resilience, including the immediate, long-term, and intergenerational impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the project will build on the work already underway in Alberta and British Columbia. Over a three-year period, the project will develop the following, for use in jurisdictions across Canada:

  1. Effective education and engagement about brain science, ACEs and resilience, which will support a paradigm shift placing family well-being at the centre of the family justice system.
  1. A cost analysis that:
  • demonstrates savings, in justice and other sectors, of a family well-being approach;
  • links to existing “well-being” measures; and
  • develops practical tools for collecting ongoing cost and well-being data.
  1. Practical “Transform the Family Justice System” strategy mapping tools and platform for jurisdictions to support action teams in:
  • framing their activities around common objectives rooted in family well-being;
  • setting measures and targets;
  • documenting performance in relation to those targets;
  • describing and communicating their innovative activities so that they can be shared with other organizations and jurisdictions; and
  • linking to well-being strategies in other sectors.

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Are you interested in contributing to transform the family justice system in Saskatchewan? Email createjustice@usask.ca with how you would like to contribute to change.

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