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Marilyn Poitras Assistant Professor

On leave.

240 Law

Professional Education

LLM (Harvard)1995
LLB (Saskatchewan) 1994
Program of Legal Studies for Native People 1990


Professor Poitras joined the faculty in 2009. Prior to the appointment her professional life was a fusion of law, governance, community and institutional education. Her expertise and passion is around Constitutional/Aboriginal Law with a life study of customary laws. Marilyn’s legal career began as a Native Court Worker and moved into the area of Constitutional law after her articles with the Saskatchewan Department of Justice. She has developed a number of legal education initiatives including the precursor to the Akitsiraq Law School in Nunavut, where she has also been a professor, and the Indigenous People’s Resource Management Program at the University of Saskatchewan. Marilyn has worked in private practice and litigated in every level of court in Canada. She has significant experience in the development of Self Government with the Beaufort Delta Agreement, Treaty Implementation with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Treaty Table Justice Portfolio as well as the revisions to the Saskatchewan Métis Election Process. Marilyn also works on CIDA funded research on Ancestral Domain and land conflict in Central Mindanao. Her four children keep her laughing, rounded, grounded and real.