Incoming Student Information

General Information

  • Information on classes and timetables will be sent out in mid August
  • Registration takes place Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  Info on location of registration will be sent out in mid August.  
  • First year orientation is scheduled for September 5th and 6th.  This is a mandatory program for all 1st year Law students.  The Orientation Schedule will be sent out in mid August. Classes for first years commence Thursday, September 7th.
  • For classroom locations see the law building map.

Tuition Information 

 Student Loans 

  • You must wait until after you are officially registered in your classes in mid August before you can get your student loan forms signed.  You can book your appointments on-line once you receive your NSID.  Signing takes place in Student Central, Administration Building.  For more info go to   

Scholarships and Bursaries 

  • Applications are not required for the majority of Law Entrance Scholarships, as all accepted 1st year Law students are automatically considered. Those that do require applications will be posted in early September.  Information on scholarships and bursaries offered by the University of Saskatchewan can be found at

Text Books 

  • You will receive a book list during the first week of classes.  You do not need to buy your books before this time.
  • New and used books are available in the Campus Bookstore, located in Marquis Hall.  Used books are also available at Browsers in the Memorial Union Building.
  • Used books can also be bought from upper year law students at the beginning of each semester.  Notices will be posted with respect to location and time of book exchanges. 


  • A Student Parking Lottery is conducted through PAWS.  Students with a valid “NSID” will have the opportunity to enter the required student information onto a “web ballot”.  The web ballot will be “online” through PAWS.  The deadline for accessing the lottery is the end of August, 2016.  
  • For information on the parking lottery, please check the Parking website at   


  • PAWS is your personalized Access to Web Services.  When you log in, you’ll find channels that present information and services specific to your role at the University.
  • In order to access PAWS you will need an NSID and password.  You will be receiving a letter from the University which will include your NSID, and instructions on how to register your password. 
  • Communication from the College will be done on the PAWS website, so it should be checked regularly. 

USSU Bus Pass

  • The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) has introduced a universal bus pass which allows unlimited travel on Saskatoon city buses.  Your U-Pass sticker, which attaches to your student card is available at the Information Centre on the first floor, Place Riel starting mid-August. 
  • A mandatory fee for the bus pass is included in your student fees. 


  • For information on campus residences and off-campus housing please visit the following University of Saskatchewan website:  You must have a student number at the University in order to secure residence housing.   

Student Cards 

  • Student Cards can be acquired in two places.  During the first week of classes they can be obtained at Student Central in the Administration Building.  After the first week of classes, they can be obtained at the Student Card Office located in Room 102 Marquis Hall.