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Sanjeev Anand

Authored Books

Nicholas Bala & Sanjeev Anand, Youth Criminal Justice Law, 2d ed. (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2009) (757 pages)

Eric Colvin & Sanjeev Anand, Principles of Criminal Law, 3d ed. (Toronto: Thomson/Carswell, 2007) (599 pages)  

Edited Books

Sanjeev Anand, ed., Children and the Law: Essays in Honour of Professor Nicholas Bala (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2011) (298 pages)

Andrea Tuck-Jackson, Fern Weinper, Sanjeev Anand & Lee Tustin eds., Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act Service (Toronto: Butterworths, 2004) (approx 500 pages)

Andrea Tuck-Jackson, Fern Weinper, Sanjeev Anand & Lee Tustin eds., Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act Service (Toronto: Butterworths, 2003) (approx 500 pages)  

Chapters in Edited Collections

Sanjeev Anand & Nicholas Bala, "Canadian Youth Crime in Context" in Nicholas Bala (ed.), Youth Criminal Justice Law (Toronto: Irwin Law Inc., 2003) 553-575  

Articles in Academic Journals

Sanjeev Anand, “Rationalizing Infanticide: A Medico-Legal Assessment of the Criminal Code’s Child Homicide Offence” (2010) 47 Alberta Law Review 705-728

Sanjeev Anand & Kent Roach, “Inertia, Uncertainty, and Canadian Homicide Law: An Introduction to the Special Issue” (2010) 47 Alberta Law Review 643-650

Sanjeev Anand, “The Validity of Community-Based Sentences Compelling the Production of Bodily Samples” (2007) 49 Criminal Reports 25-33

Sanjeev Anand, “The Truth About Canadian Judicial Activism” (2006) 15 Constitutional Forum 87-98

Sanjeev Anand, “The Origins, Early History, and Evolution of the English Criminal Trial Jury” (2005) 43 Alberta Law Review 407-432

Sanjeev Anand & Heather Manweiller, “Stress and the Canadian Criminal Trial Jury: A Critical Review of the Literature and the Options for Dealing with Juror Stress” (2005) 50 Criminal Law Quarterly 403-440

Sanjeev Anand, “Canadian Graduate Legal Education: Past, Present and Future” (2004) 27 Dalhousie Law Journal 55-162

Nicholas Bala & Sanjeev Anand, “The First Months under the Youth Criminal Justice Act: A Survey and Analysis of Case Law” (2004) 46 Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 251-271

Sanjeev Anand, "Crafting Youth Sentences: The Roles of Rehabilitation, Proportionality, Restraint, Restorative Justice, and Race Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act" (2003) 40 Alberta Law Review 943-963

Sanjeev Anand, "Clones, Controversy, Confusion, and Criminal Law: A Reply to Professor Caulfield" (2002) 40 Alberta Law Review 493-505

Sanjeev Anand & James Robb, "The Admissibility of Young People's Statements Under the Proposed Youth Criminal Justice Act" (2002) 39 Alberta Law Review 771-787

Sanjeev Anand, "Stopping Stalking: A Search for Solutions, A Blueprint for Effective Change" (2001) 64 Saskatchewan Law Review 397-428

Sanjeev Anand, "Should Parliament Enact Statutory Limitation Periods for Criminal Offences?" (2000) 44 Criminal Law Quarterly 8-14

Sanjeev Anand, "The Good, the Bad, and the Unaltered: An Analysis of Bill C-68, the Youth Criminal Justice Act" (1999) 4 Canadian Criminal Law Review 249-270

Sanjeev Anand, "Preventing Youth Crime: What Works, What Doesn't, and What It All Means for Canadian Juvenile Justice Policy" (1999) 25 Queen's Law Journal 177-249

Sanjeev Anand, "Sentencing, Judicial Discretion and Juvenile Justice, Part II" (1999) 41 Criminal Law Quarterly 485-500

Sanjeev Anand, "Catalyst for Change: The History of Canadian Juvenile Justice Reform" (1999) 24 Queen's Law Journal 515-559

Sanjeev Anand, "Beyond the Wilful Promotion of Hatred: The Other Criminal Code Provisions Proscribing Expressions of Racial Hatred" (1998) 3 Canadian Criminal Law Review 141-160

Sanjeev Anand, "Sentencing, Judicial Discretion and Juvenile Justice, Part I" (1998) 41 Criminal Law Quarterly 318-344

Sanjeev Anand, "Expressions of Racial Hatred and Racism in Canada: An Historical Perspective" (1998) 77 Canadian Bar Review 181-197

Sanjeev Anand, "Beyond Keegstra: The Constitutionality of the Wilful Promotion of Hatred Revisited" (1998) 9 National Journal of Constitutional Law 117-157

Sanjeev Anand, "Expressions of Racial Hatred and Criminal Law: Proposals for Reform" (1997) 40 Criminal Law Quarterly 215-242

Sanjeev Anand, "The Search and Seizure of Motor Vehicles" (1997) 2 Canadian Criminal Law Review 145-161  

Case Comments

Sanjeev Anand, “A Provocative Perspective on the Influence of Anger on the Mens Rea for Murder: The Alberta Court of Appeal’s Interpretation of Parent in Walle (2008) 54 Criminal Law Quarterly 27-41

Sanjeev Anand, “Reasonable Chastisement: A Critique of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in the ‘Spanking’ Case” (2004) 41 Alberta Law Review 871-878

Sanjeev Anand & Nicholas Bala, "The Quebec Court of Appeal Youth Justice Reference: Striking Down the Toughest Part of the New Act” (2003) 10 Criminal Reports 397-418

Sanjeev Anand, "Determining Causal Standards for First Degree Murder in the Wake of Nette: When Does the Substantial Cause Test Apply?" (2002) 46 Criminal Law Quarterly 282-292

Sanjeev Anand, "R.J.H. and the Power of Courts to Order Provincial Governments to Pay for Young Offender Treatment" (2001) 12 National Journal of Constitutional Law 309-314

Sanjeev Anand, "The sentencing of aboriginal offenders, continued confusion and persisting problems: A comment on the decision in R. v. Gladue" (2000) 42 Canadian Journal of Criminology 412-420

Sanjeev Anand, "A Case for Upholding the Child Pornography Law" (1999) 25 Criminal Reports (5th) 312-319

Sanjeev Anand, "Case Comment - R. v. M.(M.R.): Why a Different Approach to Searches of Students by School Authorities is Needed" (1999) 10 National Journal of Constitutional Law 235-240

Sanjeev Anand, "V.(J.) and the Use of Child Abuse Syndrome in the Young Offender Context" (1999) 20 Criminal Reports (5th) 111-115

Sanjeev Anand, "Does the Staff Model Offer a Solution to the Issue of Court Ordered Youth Legal Aid?" (1998) 18 Criminal Reports (5th) 328-335

Sanjeev Anand, "Case Comment: R. v. Lucas" (1998) 14 Criminal Reports (5th) 279-282  

Book Reviews

Sanjeev Anand, "Book Review: Young Offenders Law by Nicholas Bala" (1998) 41 Criminal Law Quarterly 389-392  

Other Publications

Lorne Bertrand, Joanne Paetsch, & Sanjeev Anand, Juror Stress Debriefing: A Review of the Literature and an Evaluation of a Yukon Program (Whitehorse, YK: Yukon Department of Justice, 2008) (100 pages)

Jeanette Gomes, Joseph Hornick, & Sanjeev Anand, The Functioning of the Youth Justice System in Alberta (Ottawa: Department of Justice Canada, 2002) (53 pages) 


Sarah Buhler


“Cardboard Boxes and Invisible Fences: Homelessness and Public Space in City of Victoria v. Adams” (2009) 27 Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 209.

“Journeys to 20th Street: the Inner City as Critical Pedagogical Space for Legal Education” (2009) 32 Dalhousie Law Journal 381.

“Conjugal Succession Rights in Saskatchewan” (2007) Estates, Pensions & Trusts Journal 383. (With Gregory Walen, Q.C.).

“Babies as Bargaining Chips? In Defence of Birthright Citizenship in Canada” (2002) 17 Journal of Law and Social Policy 87.

“Simon v. Simon and Penner v. Penner” (case comment) (2001) 18 Canadian Journal of Family Law 183.

Ron C.C. Cuming


Personal Property Security Law (Irwin Law, Inc, 2005) with C. Walsh and R. Wood.

Personal Property Securities in New Zealand (Brookers, 2002) (600 pp.) with M. Gedye and R. Wood

Alberta Personal Property Security Act Handbook, 4th ed. (Calgary: Carswell, 1998)

British Columbia Personal Property Security Act Handbook, 4th ed. (Calgary: Carswell, 1998)

Saskatchewan and Manitoba Personal Property Security Handbook (Calgary: Carswell, 1995)

Signa A. Daum Shanks


"Can Canada’s North West Prove Mobility is a Legal Right?", Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, 21 May 2011.

"How the History of Métis Peoples in Canada Demonstrates the Ultimate Example of Sustainable Resource Use," Society of Environmental Law and Economics Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25 June 2011.

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"The Influence of Non-Law Academic Work Upon the Legal Profession," Law Society of Upper Canada and the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, Career Development Symposium, Windsor ON, 25 March 2008.

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"Mamiskotamaw: 'Oral History,' 'Indigenous Method' and Canadian Law in Three Books," Indigenous Law Journal, 3:1 (2004), 290-302.

"Wasakechak Lives in Victoria," University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review, 61:2 (2003) 235-240.

Patricia Farnese


“Remembering the Farmer in the Agricultural Policy and Obesity Debate.” (2010) 65(2) Food & Drug L.J. 391. (refereed)

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Rob Flannigan


A number of his publications are available at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=118622.

Robin Hansen


A number of her publications are available in PDF at: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=1172773

“The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Implications for the Equality Rights of Canadians with Disabilities: the Case of Education” (2011) Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, 29(1) (with R. Malhotra)

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Felix Hoehn


Reconciling Sovereignties: Aboriginal Nations and Canada (Native Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan, 2012).

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Michaela Keet


"Collaborative Family Law and Gender Inequalities: Balancing Risks and Opportunities" (with Wanda Wiegers) (2008) 46 Osgoode Hall Journal 733

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John C. Kleefeld


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Tamara Larre


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Glen Luther


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Dwight Newman



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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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