The Estey Journal of International Law and Trade Policy

Formerly the Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy

Please note: The journal name change took effect prior to the addition of Volume 16 Number 1 2015.

Current issue

Volume 18 Number 1 2017

Editor's pages

Seeking “Better” Trade Deals: Is There Anything Beyond Good Slogans? by William A Kerr Abstract | PDF


Trade Effects of the EU–Korea Free Trade Agreement: A Comparative Analysis of Expected and Observed Outcomes by Virág Forizs and Lars Nilsson Abstract | PDF

Volume 17 Number 2 2016

Editor's pages

Disequilibrium, Trade and the Consequences of Adjustment by William A Kerr Abstract | PDF


The Legal and International Trade Implications of Regulatory Lags in GM Crop Approvals by Martin Phillipson and Stuart Smyth Abstract | PDF

Special Section - Guest Editor Martin Phillipson

Regulatory Impacts on Trade in Products of Biotechnology – the Issues by Martin Phillipson Abstract | PDF

Regulatory System Impacts on Global GM Crop Adoption Patterns by Savannah Gleim, Stuart J. Smyth and Peter W.B. Phillips Abstract | PDF

Zen and the Art of Attaining Conceptual and Implementation Clarity: Socio-economic Considerations, Biosafety and Decision-making by José Falck-Zepeda, Stuart J. Smyth and Karinne Ludlow Abstract | PDF

Consistency of Assessment of Socio-Economic Considerations under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety with Other International Obligations by Karinne Ludlow, Stuart J. Smyth and José Falck-Zepeda Abstract | PDF

The Costs of Regulatory Delays for Genetically Modified Crops by Stuart J. Smyth, José Falck-Zepeda and Karinne Ludlow Abstract | PDF


NME Status in Anti-dumping Proceedings: A Revision under WTO Law and Practice by Ly Van Anh and Ngo Thi Trang Abstract | PDF

Volume 17 Number 1 2016

Editor's pages

The WTO and Food Aid: Food Security and Surplus Disposal in the 2015 Ministerial Decision on Export Competition by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


Trade Defense Actions in Arab Countries’ Free Trade Agreements with the U.S.: The Case of Safeguards by Bashar H. Malkawi Abstract | PDF

The Brexit Trade Disruption Revisited by Andreas Hatzigeorgiou and Magnus Lodefalk Abstract | PDF

Volume 16 Number 2 2015

Editor's pages

Governance of International Trade in Genetically Modified Organisms: Is Future Global Food Security at Risk? by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


Reflections on the India-Agricultural Products Dispute in the Light of "Risk Assessment" and the SPS Agreement: Why Has India Failed so Miserably? by Saloni Khanderia-Yadav Abstract | PDF

Caution Restructuring: The New Restrictive Jurisdictional Approach of ICSID Tribunals by Alexandra Neacsu Monkhouse Abstract | PDF

Trademark Claims in Internet Domain Names: Applicable Disputes and Enforcement of Panel Decisions under the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy by Alex Ansong Abstract | PDF

Volume 16 Number 1 2015

Editor's pages

Food Security, Strategic Stockholding and Trade-Distorting Subsidies: Is There a Permanent Solution? by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


Cross-Border Labour Mobility in the Windsor-Detroit Region: The Case of Nurses by Dr. Sarah Dunphy Abstract | PDF

Corporate Governance in Jamaica, with a Focus on GraceKennedy Limited by Monifa Crawford Abstract | PDF

Volume 15 Number 2 2014

Editor's pages

Food Security and Trade: Some Supply Conundrums for 2050 by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


The Online Gambling Conflict: Antigua & Barbuda vs. The United States by Monifa Crawford Abstract | PDF

Are the WTO's Rules of Origin Turning Archaic as a Result of Trade in Value-Added? by Saloni Khanderia Yadav Abstract | PDF

Special Section on Preferential Trade Agreements – Guest Editor Ryan Cardwell

Madly Off in All Directions - The Pursuit of Preferential Trade Agreements by North American Governments by Ryan Cardwell Abstract | PDF

A Transatlantic Free Trade Deal: Implications for Food and Agricultural Policy by Tim Josling Abstract | PDF

North American Agricultural Trade Policy: Are Super-Regionalism and Deeper Regional Integration the "Next Big Thing" after NAFTA? by Steven Zahniser and Adriana Herrera Moreno Abstract | PDF


Confronting the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Controversy by Lawrence L. Herman Abstract | PDF

Volume 15 Number 1 2014

Editor's pages

Bali High or Bali Low: Is a Piecemeal Approach the Way Forward for the WTO? by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


GATS and Retail Services: India Perspective by Anindita Jaiswal Abstract | PDF | Technical Annex

Regional Trade Agreements with Non-WTO Members and the Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment Obligation: Are They Compatible? by Dmytro Galagan Abstract | PDF

Trade and Environment: A New Direction for Green Trade by Linda J. Allen Abstract | PDF | Technical Annex

Changing Agro-food Export Composition and SPS Compliance: Lessons for Mauritius by Harris Neeliah and Shalini Amnee Neeliah Abstract | PDF

Volume 14 Number 2 2013

Editor's pages

Negotiating in Disequilibrium: Can a Trans-Pacific Partnership be Achieved as Potential Partners Proliferate? by William A. Kerr Abstract | PDF


Exploring Aviation Rivalries within the Legal Context of the WTO by Christina Fattore Abstract | PDF

Passing of Property in Goods in Contracts of International Sale of Goods by Richard Kayibanda Abstract | PDF

International Economic Law, and Institutions in Developing Countries by Tae Jung Park Abstract | PDF

Retaliation under the WTO Agreement: The “Sequencing Problem” by Sergei Gorbylev and Milica Novaković Abstract | PDF

Creating WTO Law by Stealth: GSP Conditionalities and the EC – Tariff Preferences Case by Alex Ansong Abstract | PDF