Impact: Dean’s Forum Responds to National Calls to Improve Access to Justice

Dean’s Forum students ground their work in the touchstone report of the National Action Committee on Access to Justice, Access to Civil and Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change 2013 (A Roadmap for Change), chaired by the Honourable Mr. Justice Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada, and the recommendations from the Canadian Bar Association’s Reaching Equal Justice Report (downloadable below). The students prepare literature reviews, look to initiatives that are happening across Canada and internationally, and conduct consultation interviews with key stakeholders within the province on each topic to further inform and focus their work in the Saskatchewan context. Each group prepares a policy discussion paper summarizing their research and identifying key ideas, themes, and points for further discussion. The students also have an integral role in the development and planning of the Dean’s Forum meeting day. 

RoadmapForChange EqualJustice
Access to Civil and Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change (2013) Reaching Equal Justice Report: An Invitation to Envision and Act (2013)