Combined Bachelor Level Degrees

The University of Saskatchewan offers a number of options for a combined JD degree through its Second Degree Programs. In these cases, the JD program is taken as the second part of the combined degree. Students choosing to pursue a combined JD degree are not guaranteed a place in the College of Law and, when they become eligible to enter the college, compete for placement with all other applicants. In addition, the College of Law in conjunction with the Edwards School of Business and the College of Graduate Studies and Research also offers a JD-MBA Program

For further information on available combined program options, please contact the appropriate college as outlined below.

Bachelor of Commerce/Juris Doctor: The combined BComm/JD program allows students to obtain both the commerce and law degrees in six years rather than the seven years needed to complete the degrees separately. This program works well for those students who are majoring in areas of the Commerce program that require 18 credit units for completion. Students in a major requiring more than 18 credit units (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Management, and Operations Management) should consult a program advisor. Students initially apply to the Edwards School of Business and spend three years completing the core and major classes. Once a student has gained admission to the College of Law, they complete the regular three-year JD program. Students receive their BComm after successful completion of two years in law. For information on this program, please contact the Edwards School of Business.

Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Science/Juris Doctor: The combined BA/JD or BSc/JD program can be completed in five years, including spring and summer session. Up to 18 credit units in the JD program may be counted as senior electives in the College of Arts and Science. Grades from all of the eligible law courses attempted will be used in the calculation of the Arts and Science average. Contact the College of Arts and Science at the U of S for more information on this program.

BA Four-year/Juris Doctor: To complete either program, students may use 18 credit units in law courses toward the elective requirements for the BA Four-year program, and so complete both degrees in less time than if taken separately. Please contact the U of S College of Arts and Science for more information on this program.

Bachelor of Business Administration/Juris Doctor: The University of Regina and the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan jointly offer a Second Degree Program of Business Administration and Law leading to a BBA/JD in six years. Please contact the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina for information on this program.

Juris Doctor/Masters of Business Administration: Applicants for the JD/MBA program must have a four-year bachelor level degree as well as a current LSAT score. You must apply online and check the box indicating that you wish to apply for the JD/MBA Program. Please contact the Edwards School of Business at the U of S or the College of Law at the U of S for more information on this program.