Mooting is an important part of the college's academic and professional program. Students interested in appellate advocacy are given full opportunity to research and present positions in the college and at national and international mooting competitions.

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First-Year Moots

As a component of the first-year Legal Research and Writing course, all first year students will experience and participate in a moot. Mooting offers a forum for the development and presentation of legal arguments in the context of an appeal case, as well as a vehicle for the exercise of legal research and writing skills. Throughout the course of the moot experience, students will:

  • research and write a memorandum of law identifying and responding to the issues raised by assigned factual problems
  • prepare a factum of law modeled after the factum filed by practicing lawyers with an appellate court, and finally
  • present oral arguments as counsel for either the appellant or the respondent before a panel of faculty and upper year student judges

All members of faculty participate in the creation of the problems assigned to designated student groups, in the supervision of students engaged in the process of research and preparation of argument, and in the evaluation of and response to student performances. The program is designed to provide a constructive learning experience in legal advocacy for all first year students.

Upper-Year Moots

Upper year students are invited to participate in national and international moot competitions as part of the curriculum in the College of Law. The program is designed to give students experience both in the preparation of a case for argument and in the presentation of that argument in  a simulated court setting.

Administrative, travel and expense policy (PDF)

Record of Success

The college is extremely proud of our moot teams’ record of success. Over the past three years, our U of S College of Law teams have achieved the following:


  • Western Canada Moot: 2nd place
  • Davies Corporate Securities Law Moot: Tied for third place
  • Mediation Advocacy Moot: Special award for "Best use of relationship-building skills in a commercial mediation"


  • Jessup Moot: 2nd place memorials; Best Respondent Memorials; 5th place oralist
  • Western Canada Moot: 1st place Winners (tied with U of Victoria); Sopinka: Third Place Finish


  • Jessup Moot: Bronze Rank; Fifth place memorials (written arguments); Best respondent team in Canada; Michelle Biddulph and Michelle Lang were two out of three mooters in a three-way tie for fourth place oralist in the national round; Michelle Lang tied for first place among exhibition oralists in international rounds exhibition category.
  • Western Canada Moot: First place


  • International Negotiation Competition: 3rd place (Christine McCartney & Natasha Singh)
  • Jessup Moot: Best Respondent Team (oralists Trevor Shishkin & Christine McCartney, encompassing the written work of the respondent team including the contribution of team members Nicole Hamm, Andre Memauri & Peter Lavelle); 4th Place Memorial; 5th Place Overall; 4th Place Oralist (Trevor Shishkin)
  • Western Canada Moot: 2nd place
  • National Sopinka Cup: Winning Team; Best Direct Examination – Lauren Ignacz; Best Cross-Examination – Jared Epp


Full History of Success

The U of S College of Law’s moot teams have enjoyed success over many years… more