Aboriginal Rights Kawaskimhon Moot

Kawaskimhon means speaking with knowledge.

The Kawaskimhon Moot is a national forum where questions regarding Aboriginal legal issues are debated and negotiated by law students from across Canada.

The moot is structured on the traditional Aboriginal circle consensus-building process. It is designed to allow law students to debate and discuss Aboriginal rights issues vital to Aboriginal peoples.

Students selected for the Aboriginal Rights Moot will receive 3 credit units for the "course" in either the first or second term. Participation in the Aboriginal Rights Moot straddles both terms, beginning in October with the selection of the team and receipt of the problem and culminating in the moot in late February or early March.

Christopher Lafleur is the coach of the 2016/17 Kawaskimhon Moot team.

The 2015/16 Kawaskimhon moot team is sponsored by:

 Law Foundation of Saskatchewan