Experiential Learning Overview

Our students benefit from a variety of programs and courses offering direct legal skills training combined with the opportunity to put theoretical learning into practice. Use the links in the upper right column of this page to learn more about each area of experiential learning.



Mooting is an important part of the college's academic and professional program. Students interested in advocacy are given full opportunity to research and present positions in the college and at national and international mooting competitions... more  

CLASSIC/Clinical Law

The Clinical Law program at the college ensures students have the opportunity to gain hands-on, supervised experience with actual legal clients alongside consideration, application and review of legal doctrine. Ours is one of few clinical law programs across Canada that collaborates with a community-based legal clinic: CLASSIC. ...more  

Dispute Resolution

Through the College of Law’s Dispute Resolution curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, students develop thoughtful, professional and skillful approaches to managing and resolving client problems and legal disputes... more 

Saskatchewan Law Review

Students at the college can gain experience in legal research by participating in the Saskatchewan Law Review, published at the College of Law, either as student editors of the publication or by submitting work for consideration by the editorial board... more