Estey Symposium on Experiential and Active Learning in Business Law

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Estey Symposium is to explore the use of experiential learning techniques and active learning methodologies in teaching business law courses in law schools. The Symposium covers the following topics:

  • The use of simulations and role playing in substantive law courses
  • The use of externships, clinical programs and capstone courses
  • The use of flipped classrooms, tutorials and problem based learning methodologies
  • The  changing legal profession and the institutional perspective


Symposium Agenda

Estey Symposium 2015 Agenda

Online Resources

The following online resources set out below were compiled in connection with the Estey Symposium.

Session 1 - Simulations

  • The Business Planning Course and the Simulated Deal Format

       Business Planning Course Syllabus

       Tennessee Law Review - Teaching Transactional Skills Through Simulations

  • Litigation and Negotiation Simulations in Restructuring Law

       Experiential Learning in Restructuring Law

       Faculty of Law, U of A Corporate Reorganziation and Restructuring - Chambers Application

       Faculty of Law, U of A Corporate Reorganziation and Restructuring - Negotiation of Plan of Arrangement

  • International Business Transactions Simulations

       International Commercial Transactions

Session 2- Legal Clinics, Internships and Externships

  • Business Law Clinics

       Sample Course Outline - UVic Business Law Clinic

       Sample Clinic Operation Guide - UVic Business Law Clinic

  • Internships and Externships

       In-House Counsel: An Experiential Learning Pilot Project

       Student Performance Evaluation Form

Session 3 - Flipped Classrooms, Tutorials and Problem Based Learning

  • Flipped Classrooms

       The Flipped Law Classroom: Retooling the Classroom to Support Active Teaching and Learning

       Capsule 1 - Introduction to the Flipped Classroom

  • Tutorials

       Contract Law

  • The Client Group Discussions in Corporate Governance

       Active Learning Strategies: Client Group Discussions in Corporate Governance Sample Class

  • Clickers

Clicking Through the Classroom

Session 4 - The Changing Legal Profession and the Institutional Perspective

  • CPLED and the Competency Based Approach

       Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education

  • The Changing Legal Profession       

       CBA Legal Futures Initiative: Report on the Consultation

       The Law Society of Upper Canada Pathways Pilot Project

       National Admission Standards Project: National Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Lawyers and Quebec Notaries